The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ISWG: How Do You Find Time to Write in Your Busy Day?

Hope this ISWG post finds everyone well. This month our question was my title: how do you find time to write in your busy day?

Personally, I schedule in my writing since I work a 30 to 36 hour work week.  Scribble time is always in the morning except when I'm off, then I flip it to the evening so I can run some errands  and a get nap in.

Here's what my schedule looks like 5 days a week.

5 AM Get out of bed and take out dogs
5:30 AM Devotion and prayer
6 AM Breakfast
6:30 AM Breakfast for the dogs
7 AM Walk the dogs
7:30 AM Take myself for a walk
8 - 9 AM A house chore- I clean one room a day
10 AM - 12 NOON- I shoot for a 1000 words

From 12:30 to 2 PM, I'm eating lunch and getting ready for work.

Saturday evenings are used to do research for my articles on Freedom Nation News (which I've been slacking on lately) and Sunday evenings are for writing my blogs. And somewhere between all this stuff, I'm reading a book. If I didn't have a schedule, I can't say I would stick to anything.

PROJECT UPDATE: The Lie is halfway done. It's the project I've been working on. That's why I've hardly been around.

Here's the opening line just for fun:

“I’m telling you, she’s not normal,” my mom said, the umpteenth time she’d made that accusation since my divorce from my first husband. “Her vagina looks like a freight train went right through it.”
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Hugs and chocolate, 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

ISWG: Deadlines

Hi, everyone!

Been busy writing up a storm the last several week and not blogging. A novel has taken over my life.

 I'm at chapter 15 in The Lie or A Grandmother's Lie. These are my working titles. It's going smoothly so far. And as you've probably noticed, I've not been around much not even to comment. August 29th is my deadline.

Sometimes as writers we need to focus on our projects and get them done. I don't have the luxury of just staying home and writing all day. So I block out time. Whether an hour or two. The schedule is set without detours, which means little time to goof off on social media or write my blogs.

Today, I encourage you to tie up your loose ends and finish your writing projects. Cyber-space can wait for you. It will still be here when you get done.

How do you all handle your goals and deadlines? Do you give up blogging for a while? All social media?

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Have a great day, all!

Hugs and chocolate,

Monday, July 4, 2016

ISWG: Happy 4th, everyone!

It's been a couple of weeks too long since I've posted anything. I missed the Insecure Writer's  Group last month. My computer was on the fritz.

Finally got it back. YAY! I've also been busy writing on a new project. Working on a memoir dealing with the dependency court system. A handful of social workers asked me to do this so I am. The first draft should be finished by the end of August. I don't see why not.

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July. I am.

Took a 3 mile walk this morning. Did a little housework. Called a few friends and family. Went to the show to see Independence Day: Resurgence. Just cleaned up the kitchen from making steak and corn on the cob. Now I'm working on my writing.


I'm thank God for the freedom to write what I want, when I want. I'm thankful for Freedom of Speech. However, as you know its under attack. Our young people don't seem to understand what it means. They don't know how to agree to disagree. There's been a lot of bullying going on. Too much political correctness.Little things like these will eat away at all of our freedoms if people keep at each others' throats.

So yeah...

"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved." - Franklin D. Roosevelt
"The history of free men is never really written by chance but by choice; their choice!" - - Dwight D. Eisenhower
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So does anyone find that political correctness might be a tool to take away our Freedom of Speech?

Hugs and chocolate, all,

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Don the Happy Homeless Man

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity  to meet an inspiring homeless man. It was Simple Saturday where I attend weekend services. It's where we go out into the streets, hand peeps cold bottles of water, hand out Bibles, and pray.

We happened upon a man named Don. He's 60 and has been without a roof over his head for 20 years.  He didn't even look as if he'd been weathered beaten. His skin was smooth and his face beamed. We asked him if he needed anything.

He said, "I don't need money to live. I have everything I need. God takes care of me. Everything I have I bought myself." He nodded at his shiny bike and then lifted his feet to show us his shoes. "I'm a carpenter." He does odd jobs here and there to buy what he needs when he needs something.

We were amazed. He wasn't bitter or down and out over losing everything. He went on to say, "I used to be a drug addict. But one day I got up and was sick and tired of getting sick everday. I made a decision to stop and did."

He never went through rehab. While he got his life back, he lost everything he owned because of it.

Don further shared, "Everything looks so different when you don't use. I can see everything clearly. The trees. The sky. The water. People. It all looks different when you're on dope. Now it's all beautiful."

One of the ladies pushed services on him. He said, "Offer them to someone who really needs them."

"How about a tent? We can get you a really nice tent."

"No thank you. Law enforcement  will just come and tear it down."

The lady said, "What about Salvation Army?"

"Nope been there. Done that."

"Can we pray for you?"  another lady asked.

"No. I'm good. Really."

"Do you know Jesus?" another asked.

His face got even brighter. "Yep. He was a carpenter like me and had no pillow, you know. I'm the same. I have what I need." He even told us his father was a carpenter as well and that his dad's initials were JC.

It was awesome to see someone who what most Americans consider a loser, a real winner at heart. He was content where he was in life, with the clothes and shoes on his back and feet, and the bike he piloted daily.

Let your conversation be without covetousness, and be content with such things as ye have, for he saith, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrew 13:5 (KJV)

It's cool that someone we would think would be troubled without daily necessities is so happy and content.

Ever come across someone like this?

Hugs and chocolate,

Sunday, June 5, 2016

ISWG: Discouraged

Yes. I know. I'm double late for posting this.  This past week has been real special. And that can mean anything you want.

On ward...

Sunday: After work, I drove to South Florida. Had a nice dinner with my brother and sister. Then, headed to Tinkebell ' place to stay the night.

When I got there, her and the boyfriend were fighting. He had splashed an entire can of Pepsi onto her kitchen floor.

The Glowstick took me into his bedroom to tell me that Jerk made his mommy sad.

Monday: Tinkerbell gets up and goes to the methodone clinic before we can do anything. While she's there, I make breakfast for Glowstick and I. We watch a movie. We do some exercises. We wait patiently for her return.

A lot of time goes by before she comes back.

When she arrives, she has two bottles of pills in a pharmaceutical bag. Tells me she has anxiety and that her doctor prescribed them for her. CELEXA.

The rest of the day was spent watching her nod in and out and drooling.

So here I go again.

That night I could barely sleep. I'm so distraught for my grandson. What if she's on this crap while he and she are in the car? What if she doesn't wake up one morning? What if we all lose the Glowstick because she's popping pills again?

At lunch my dad was like, "I've got anxiety, too. But I talk myself through it." He was more than embarrassed to see his granddaughter practically fall out of her chair while people around us sneered and gossiped.

Tuesday: I prepared an article for Freedom Nation News. It's ready to go. But my videos aren't saving. They disappear as soon as I log out.

Worked with a YouTube who teaches Wordpress. She came to the conclusion that my problem isn't me but my computer.

It will be gone all week. It needs surgery...AGAIN!

Wednesday: Totally forgot about ISWG.

Thursday: I get up and figure I could get a bunch of handwriting done on my series. NOT!  At about 9:30 AM, I get a call from the SALON. One of the co-workers fell backwards on the pavement and is being raced by ambulatory to the ER. Would I meet them there?

Of course I did. The woman is 77 and has no family here.

Friday: I spent time with my injured co-worker.

Saturday: I was off thinking I'd get some writing in. NOT! The electric went out for one. So I headed to the grocery store. Got back and began cooking for the week. By the time I finished, I just couldn't go anymore. My energy flew the coup.

So I got a little depressed. Asked myself why I even bother to write. Why I blog? Why I do anything I do?

And then I remind myself, it was just a crap week. At least, I didn't lose my family, job, and health in one day like Job.

This post was to you on behalf of Alex J. Cavanaugh ' s Insecure Writer's Group.

Hugs and chocolate, all!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

People Animating into Dogs and Goats

Today, people aren't just changing genders. They're going from human to dogs. Even changing to goats.

Maybe its all the stress of those military helicoptors flying through the night air. Or maybe its the thought of becoming a human ATM  machine to pay their bills.

If you don't beleive me. Check this video out of recent news clips.

Cast your cares on Yeshua. I Peter 5:7 and Psalm 55:22

Have a lovely Memorial Day, all!

Hugs and chocolate,

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Will Be Moving

Soon I will be moving to Wordpress. Blogger has frustrated me to no end. I can only blog from my phone so I can't do certain things like fix and size pictures, add links, and download a video correctly.

Blogger is a BLOOGER!

Anyway, I wrote another article for Freedom Nation News.

I'll be lurking around the blog.

Hugs and chocolate,