The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

ISWG: Deadlines

Hi, everyone!

Been busy writing up a storm the last several week and not blogging. A novel has taken over my life.

 I'm at chapter 15 in The Lie or A Grandmother's Lie. These are my working titles. It's going smoothly so far. And as you've probably noticed, I've not been around much not even to comment. August 29th is my deadline.

Sometimes as writers we need to focus on our projects and get them done. I don't have the luxury of just staying home and writing all day. So I block out time. Whether an hour or two. The schedule is set without detours, which means little time to goof off on social media or write my blogs.

Today, I encourage you to tie up your loose ends and finish your writing projects. Cyber-space can wait for you. It will still be here when you get done.

How do you all handle your goals and deadlines? Do you give up blogging for a while? All social media?

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Have a great day, all!

Hugs and chocolate,