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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Broken Arm Update, A Lie, and a Friend with Cancer

"They cut me open and took a piece of my bone," mom said. She had just come home from having her bone density test. A giant bandage covered her upper arm. "I was awake when they cut right into me."

For years after that trauma, I was horrified to get my bone density tested. The slow healing of my broken humerus has forced me though.

"Can you put me out for this procedure?" I certainly didn't want to see myself cut into like my mom was. Well... all I saw was the bandage.

The doctor chuckled. "It's just a painless x-ray that can see right through your bones."

My face went warm. Mom lied about another event in her life. This would make for a great blog. Mom barely told the truth about anything.


I survived my bone density test. It happened yesterday. I should know something more by Thursday.


I'm posting a link to GoFundMe for a writer friend of mine. Several weeks before I broke my arm, Beth was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had surgery. Thereafter, the doctor announced she was free of this hideous disease.

Now 8 months later, cancer cells have returned. The doctor advised radiation. She's retired and has to pinch every penny to survive.

Please click here to make a donation and read her story.

Hope everyone is well.

Hugs and chocolate!