The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

It is the last Friday in May to Celebrate the Small Things with VikLit, at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author .

So this week I celebrate:

1. The Sweetman is home. Yay! But he must forge ahead to learn a new way of eating to prevent kidney stones and now to keep his blood sugar level.

I believe he can do it! I'm here to help him.

And thank you everyone for your prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes. God is good and very real. 

2. Two Sundays ago, I spent a couple of hours at a water park with my grandson. He's getting so big.

3. My garden is doing great even though I've had to hand pollinate my squash and zucchini. I've even lost some.

We ate these for dinner the other night. The Swiss Chard has been mega plenty everyday. I've been using it in my daily smoothie.

One tomato plant died from some black fungus. But my other one survived and is lush and green. It's sprouting flowers.

My green pepper plant is doing outstanding. And I have jalapeños coming out the wazoo.

4. My crit partner got her computer back. Yay!

5. This week, I actually got 3 whole hours of writing time in on Killer Stilettos. Slowly but surely. Right?

6. I will also be participating in The Write Club. Click on the link to find out more.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Happy Shabbats if you practice!

Hugs and chocolate, all!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life is Sneaky, So Are Snakes

Last week was not exactly a great week. It all started with a snake in my garden. I HATE snakes. They've got beedy, hypnotic eyes and a forked slithering tongue. And they all look slimey and move faster than a nano-second.

The one good about the snake was, it's a black racer. He or she is perfectly harmless and has been keeping away rats and birds from feasting on my garden vegetables.

But it scared the be-Jesus out of me last Sunday while I was filling my watering can at the spicket. It squirmed out off my hedges and popped it's creepy head out at me. I screamed and ran away, of course.

 The snake, on the other hand, looked to say, "Hey! Where you going? I only wanted to say 'hi'. That's all."

It should've been a sign that my focus on Killer Stilettos would be interrupted by Sweetman trying to pass an 8 mm kidney stone obstructing the kidney. There was a lot of vomiting, blood, and screaming for 24 hours. And can you believe he refused to go to the ER. He only went because his doctor made him.

Friday afternoon he had surgery. Yesterday, he came home. He's got a bag attached to him and a home healthcare nurse.

Anyway, it wasn't a great week to visit blogs or comment or even work on any of my writing projects. The Sweetman was more important. Family always comes before work and projects.

So with that said or written or whatever, enjoy your families and remember those who fought and died in the name of Freedom. Happy Memorial Day!

I'll be working. The corporate world sees holidays as another way to be working. I wrote a post on that 2 or 3 Sundays ago.

I'll be around the blogosphere this week, God willing.

Hugs and chocolate!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

As I write this post, I'm sitting and waiting for my Sweetman's doctor to come into his hospital room. He's supposed to have surgery. But no one seems to know when.

Forty-eight hours ago I thought he was going to die. I'm sure he thought so, too. 

The ER doctor found a 7 milameter stone obstructing his left kidney. That little sucker has caused a lot of drama for us.

I'm thankful that once that creepy little thing is out of my hubby, we can go home. I'm so thankful that Sweetman isn't going to die. I'm thankful for my hubby. I love him sooo much.

This was brought to you today by VikLit, over at, Scribblings of an Aspiring Author.

Have a happy weekend! Happy Shabbats, if you practice!

Hugs and chocolate!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

How I Found the Write Path: Worthless and Insulted

                                                              Click here to read more

This blog hop is brought to you by PK Hero. It's a pretty cool idea. Here's the basic deal: YOU WRITE A LETTER TO YOURSELF or something like that (I don't do directions all that well. So. Yeah.). You can find out more by clicking the link above.


by Shelly Arkon

Talia blinked watery blue eyes at the freckled face boy standing head to head with her. 

He ran his hand underneath his nose and then scratched at a scab on his lift elbow.

Her cheeks blushed a rose color as she watched. There was something about him that gave her butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

At eleven, these beautiful words written by another eleven year old plundered my heart. It even discouraged me from writing anymore stories for a long time. My stories seemed so...STUPID! The way I put my words together were total BLECK ! I never felt good enough or worthy or confident in my own ability to create a story like (changing her name to protect the perfectly innocent here) Maria Amos.

What I've learned since...everyone is unique. Each writer has their own voice and their own way in putting a story together. We should NEVER-EVER compare ourselves with other writers. It's one sure way to keep you from practicing your craft to make it better or keeping you from finishing and publishing anything.

"Do you think you can clarify 'she worked like a dog all day'?" Miss M asked me, wrinkling her forehead in confusion.

At sixteen, I had entered a short story competition that my high school was putting on. I worked tirelessly on mine. To me, it was the best ever story... EVER.

One of my high school teachers offered to critique and edit it for me. Well...I didn't take her constructive criticism as helpful advice. Instead, I took it as an insult.

Sadly, I never finished my piece for the competition and withdrew from it completely.

What I've learned since...another pair of eyes will always see something you or me won't or can't. Stories are like families. We make excuses for our bad habits and enable them on because we're too close to really fix what could be better.

So don't ever GIVE UP if you THINK someone else's story or voice or idea is way better than yours. And don't take someone's critique as either a correct or wrong assumption. Weigh everything. Consider what is said. It's always good to have three sets of eyes. Then if two out of three see the same writing issue, fix it.

Oh and treat yourself to some delicious chocolate while perfecting your story or stories. It makes everything better.

I hope everyone has a Happy Monday and week. I'll be working the next couple of days.

Hope to keep up in the blogosphere this week. Last week I failed miserably.

Hugs and chocolate, all!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

It's another Friday to celebrate with VikLit, at Scribbles of an Aspiring Author .

Here are my small things to celebrate:

I've got a squash or two growing.

And a zuchinni or two.

We're already eating the Swiss Chard. I used some in a soup on Tuesday and sautéed some on Thursday with onions and sweet potatoes. It went well with fried eggs.

But my poor tomatoes have signs of early blight. And since it rained..,well it seems to be spreading. I may have to pull them up and bleach my pots...and try again. Oh well...

As for Killer Stilettos, I've rewritten four more chapters and got another idea for another novel. I must be crazy.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Happy Shabbats if you practice!

I'm hoping to read blogs today and Saturday. The week has been too insane to keep up with all the blogs I follow! Apologies, everyone!

Hugs and chocolate!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Progress: It's a Big Party Pooper

I debated on whether or not to write this post. It's sad to know that our opinions or beliefs could get us fired. But I'm of the belief that we're going to see a day in this country where people will be killed for what they believe in. There's a lot of animosity toward certain subjects. You can pick and choose which one. There are plenty to go around.

Today, I'm going to rant about Saturday and Sunday and our holidays. You see, I had to show up for work today(it's Sunday evening as I write this piece), knowing that I would be sitting and staring at the walls and my fellow hairdressers. WHAT A BORING WAY TO SPEND MOTHER'S DAY!!! I almost fell asleep and toppled out of my chair. I did a total of six haircuts in six hours along with everyone else. None of us made any money...well...except maybe the BIG CORPORATION. What is the deal with these organizations where they feel they have to squeeze the last dime out of everyone...? ON A HOLIDAY, mind you! It's bad enough that these CORPORATE SCOUNDRELS are now seizing our right to celebrate Thanksgiving. What next? Christmas? Easter?

Has America become so greedy that time with God, family, and friends aren't important anymore?

I really miss back in the day when the majority of people had the weekends off. People either went to church or synagogue. Practically no one had to go to work on a Sunday except waitresses and doctors and nurses. Gas stations weren't even open back then.

I miss being able to chill out with my friends. I miss those big Sunday dinners at Grandma's house. In fact, I used to daydream of the day that I would have the big dinners at my place. NOT!

I miss the old way of celebrating Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. It certainly wasn't at the mall  or at work. It was spent with family and friends and meditating on what that specific holiday meant to each one of us.

And we wonder why we're stressed. The American Way with all it's progress and CHANGE has made this nation sick if not sick and tired. Hypertension, heart disease, stress-related problems...YUP! I could go on and on. But I won't.

I hope everyone has a happy week and that you hug your family everyday.

Please feel free to rant about whatever you want in the comment box.

Hugs and chocolate, all!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Celebrating the Small Things and an A to Z Reflection

While participating in the April A to Z Blog Challenge, I got hit with off the wall things. I almost felt like some unseen force was bucking me from completing the challenge.

The first couple weeks went well. I had pre-written  posts for A through H. And computer, Google Chrome, and whatever other cyber-mites there possibly are became a problem. But I prevailed, and I'm hoping that this reflection can give anyone hope that they can accomplish anything no matter what is thrown their way.

If there is a WILL, there is always a way. I finished it, even though I had to piggy-back four days together since I had to prepare for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. This leads to my Celebrate the Small Things post, put on by, VikLit over at Scibbles by an Inspiring Author .

1: The biopsy of my stomach came back as Acid Reflux disease. So I will be cutting out things like Starbucks, black tea, etc.

2: Unfortunately, my colon is twisted and spastic from stress, which last year I had a lot of ( hubby's cancer, daughter's drug problem, the State, and caring for my grandson). So I will have to learn how to de-stress and tweak my diet once again like add phsyllium, flax, chia seeds, and pro and prebiotics into my diet. I find this funny because I stay away from fast and processed foods. I've eaten healthy since I was diagnosed with Hashaimotos 16 years ago.

Anyway, I celebrate that God let's me wake up every morning. And that I'm not going to die. And that there is always a path toward healing the body and the soul.

3: My garden is beginning to bloom and the Swiss Chard will be ready soon. The squash are flowering. My tomatoes are growing suckers. But my poor peppers are lagging behind.  But it's all good. 

4: I've tweaked and expanded more of Killer Stilettos. My focus has returned!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Happy Morher's Day to all the Mommies! And Happy Shabbats if you practice!

And here's a special smile from a very special fur-peep.

Hugs and chocolate!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Atomic Explosions and Kidnappings

This past week was a week from the pit of you-all-nowhere. That was for sure.

In the midst of the US going through some horrendous natural disasters, last Tuesday, I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy.

For several months now, I've been experiencing severe abdominal pain. Salad, rice, pastas, and cereals cause what feels like an atomic explosion in my tummy and intestines. It is excruciating and embarrassing to say the least. Bombs are noisy, you know.

My body has lost a lot of mass as well. Clothing hangs on me. I thank God for my wide hips. If it weren't for them, my jeans and skirts would slide off.

Anyway, while I was sleeping off the nappy-time-drugs the doctor gave to me for his scoping purposes, he told the Sweetman I had the bowels of an 85 year old woman and a twisted one at that. He also took 4 biopsies from 4 different suspicious looking spots on or in my stomach...something like that.

Sweetman has diagnosed me a mess.

This Thursday, I get the doctors final and official diagnosis of what the big picture is.

Personally, I think I picked up a bacteria back in Europe, which causes ulcers, which causes digestion issues, which can cause a twisted bowel. I did my research already.

To top it off, McFee some how kidnapped my computer. Every few seconds the doggone thing would pop a message on my screen that I needed to buy their software. It held my Windows Firewall Defender hostage for days, screwing up almost everything I tried to do on my computer...especially my internet. I didn't get to half the blogs I followed this past week either. Every time I went on, I'd lose connection.

Finally, I figured out how to uninstall it. But when I did, my computer shut off to download a bunch of stuff. I thought it was from Windows. Boy, was I wrong!

After this, pop-ups would appear once I got on-line. Every blog or site I visited this past week had them, including mine, making it utterly impossible to read anything on-line. I couldn't even post a post to my blog via computer.

So I had to go in and uninstall any apps downloaded on the same day I got rid of McFee. I really believe they sabotaged my computer. Greedy bleepers!

My daughter suggested I install Adblocker. So I did.

Right now, I am pop-up free. But now my iPhone is acting strange. I'm losing my internet connection on that. If it isn't one thing its another.

As for my writing, I'm slugging along. I'm beginning to believe I'm the slowest writer ever. My goal was to have Killer Stilettos out by December 2013. But of course that has come and gone. While I work on its rewrites, I'm drafting other stories. And I still need to publish Samah Ronit. Eventually, it will be out there for FREE indefinitely. Its a short one.

Here's the cover I've been working on:

Here's the blurb:

What would you do if you were a pregnant sixteen year old being forced to have an abortion against your will?

Annabelle is at odds with her mother's forcefulness to get rid of the blob she has inside her. If not, it could ruin her father's reputation along with her mother's.

Will Annabelle be able to save her baby and her parents' reputations?

Any suggestions on either the blurb or the cover, would be greatly appreciated.

How did your last week go?

I hope everyone has a happy Monday. And I pray all goes well for everyone in the US this week.

Hugs and chocolate!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

It's another Friday and time for VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things.

Instead of celebrating, I'm grieving over the fires in California, the 79 twisters that swepted through the United States, the roads that caved in in Maryland, and the terrestrial rains that severely flooded our southern states. God have mercy!

In the right corner of my blog you'll find a banner for the Red Cross. Please donate something. 

I also know that the Region's Banks are taking food, water, and other necessities for the twister victims. 

Please let God search your hearts as what you can do to help our fellow Americans. This could be you or me one day. We could wake up one morning and find we've lost our loved ones, our homes, and everything we've ever worked for.

Hugs and chocolate, all! Happy Shabbats  if you practice!


PS I'm working from my iPhone. My internet at home is down. It rained hard this morning with more to come.