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Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

As I write this post, I'm sitting and waiting for my Sweetman's doctor to come into his hospital room. He's supposed to have surgery. But no one seems to know when.

Forty-eight hours ago I thought he was going to die. I'm sure he thought so, too. 

The ER doctor found a 7 milameter stone obstructing his left kidney. That little sucker has caused a lot of drama for us.

I'm thankful that once that creepy little thing is out of my hubby, we can go home. I'm so thankful that Sweetman isn't going to die. I'm thankful for my hubby. I love him sooo much.

This was brought to you today by VikLit, over at, Scribblings of an Aspiring Author.

Have a happy weekend! Happy Shabbats, if you practice!

Hugs and chocolate!


  1. Whoa... at least now they know what they're getting themselves into. Keeping your family in my thoughts, Shelly.

  2. Wow, I'm sorry! That is so scary. Prayers they do the surgery soon and you both can go home.

  3. I remember my dad having one years ago. They are very painful. You're both in my prayers.

  4. KIDNEY STONES ARE THE WORST! A good friend of mine suffers with them. Hope they blast that sucka and he's home for the weekend!

  5. So glad it's not life threatening. Take care.

  6. How scary. My brother had an appendicitis surgery...we didn't know what was wrong with him at first. And we thought he ate too much or something silly. When he couldn't it anymore, he demanded we go to the hospital. Good thing we did. The doctor said had we waited fifteen more minutes he would have died :(

    Glad things are looking more promising. :)

  7. Oh, poor sweetman! Hope by now it's all over with and you'll both enjoy the weekend together (^:

  8. Good for him. Better out than in. It must have been really painful.

  9. Kidney stone are extremely painful. Worse than childbirth. Fortunately they are not life threatening.

    I hope everything comes out all right.

  10. Thank goodness that the situation for your beloved hubby was not as bad as feared.

    May you both have a peaceful, positive weekend.

    Hugs, your way,


  11. What a scary experience! I'm glad your hubby is okay. You've had a lot of tough things going on in your life. Hope that's the end of it all!

  12. That is something to celebrate--glad he's doing much better!

  13. To Everyone: Thank you. Sorry about not commenting on each comment but I'm exhausted at the moment,

    Hugs and chocolate, all!

  14. So glad to hear that your Sweetman is okay! Very scary. Blessings to you and your family!

  15. I'm so sorry that your hubby had to have surgery for his kidney stone. At least he's back home with you. Being in the hospital is the worst! I just joined the blog hop a few weeks ago and I posted this one a little late, not realizing I should've had it up by Friday. Doh. Now I know better. Hope this week brings you great veggies and your hubby pain free and in great spirits! Have a great day. Eva


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