The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Here's a Pumpkin Spice Latte Smile

We spent the afternoon driving to Orlando. Tomorrow is a Disney Day. YAY!

Right now, we're chilling at a Starbuck's.

My son-in-law, Yakov, is soooo cute. He's never had a Starbuck's coffee.

Have you ever seen a Pumpkin Spice Latte smile?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sonny's Bar-B-Q

Yakov asked, "What are Bar-B-Q ribs? I've never had them before. Only Bar-B-Q lamb kebabs."

The question was right up Sweetman ' s alley.

So to Sonny's we went.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'll Be...

For the next 14 days, I'll be spending my time with my daughter, No-No-o and her hubby, Yakov. They flew in yesterday from Israel. Although, I might post some pictures of our adventures.

Yakov says, "it's nice to know no one wants to stab me here in the states."

Hugs and chocolate!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Conspiracy Theories: This Just a Test

Since my last post, which was on Facebook Censorship, I've not been able to log into my Blogger account. When I try, the page blinks white and black and repeats.

So I thought I'd write a post on my Wordpress account. Ha! Wouldn't you know the same thing happened over there.

Is it the government? Is it Windows 10?

Right now, I'm writing this from my Samsung Galaxy 5. Might I mention, I hate typing with my thumbs.

This might be the only way I'll be able to post a blog for now.

Anyway, I hope it posts.

Hugs and chocolate'

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Conspiracy Theories: Facebook Censorship

Over the next several weeks, I'll be going over the censorship of the Internet. I thought I'd start with Facebook.  Myself, and other friends have been banned for weeks at a time for things we've posted or made comments on.

William Kendall is a friend of mine, and he is quite liberal in his thinking. I, on the other hand, am quite conservative. I enjoy his humor and understand that he has a clear right to his opinion. But others don't feel the same. Not long ago, he was released from Facebook Jail.

Lisa Haven and Lyn Leahz, both Christian Independent reporters, make YouTube videos and write about current events. Their work has been banned several times and/or flagged as fake news on the beloved Facebook. Which I find crazy because they always properly site where they got their info from.

We're under attack by our own government. Your religious, political, and ... yes... maybe even the content of what we Indie writers write about will be and is under scrutiny.

There is a lot more to this internet censorship. But since I'm limited as to how I can download videos to my blog posts, we'll stop here for now. More to come next Sunday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! And hope everyone has a great week! I'll be back Thursday with another excerpt from my On-Line Novel: The  Immoral.

Let me know what you think about Facebook Censorship in the comment boxes.

Hugs and chocolate!


Friday, October 9, 2015

An On-Line Novel: The Immoral: Surprise

Cassandra couldn't figure what was taking Ronald so long. It felt like forever being stuck in a class full of mean kids. If I could've stayed back one more year. Or gone to the public high school dreamy Schmidt had went to. She sighed, glanced down at the note pad, and scribbled arrows across the top of the page. Never in all her fourteen years had she hated school until now. It sucks lemons. Totally.

Her classmates were completely out of control running around the room, throwing paper balls, talking just to talk, and giggling. This was worse than babysitting for her neighbor's monster children for the summer.

"Looks like Kermit is back, Miss Piggy," Gruber snickered before letting out a snort.

She lifted her eyes and peered at the doorway.

Ronald shot her a look, jerked his head back, and scurried toward his desk to the right of her.

A hint of tuna wafted in his wake. Whatever he had prepared wasn't going to be good. Especially if it was one of his tactical spit balls. She knew he would end up in the principal's office before the morning was over. Something in the pit of her stomach told her so.

"The Hangman is right outside the door," Ronald stage-whispered for her ears only and plopped in his seat.

"Good," she muttered back at him. "It's about time."

Gruber jog-walked toward the doorway of the classroom.

Cassandra shook her head. It took everything inside her to not bust out laughing. The kid was in for a big surprise.

The greasy-haired boy craned his neck around the door frame and let out a yelp.

Shelly Arkon 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Insecure Writer's Group #1

I have now officially enlisted this blog into Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Group. My two fur-peeps, Sir Poops and Hair Ball used to write about insecurities, gave tips, and encouragement on Two Fur Peeps and a Writer. But they've since retired.

Sir Poops just isn't the same anymore, and Hair Ball finds it depressing and overwhelming to have to handle the blog by himself. So here I am. It's my job again.

Like I said in the first paragraph, this group is to discuss our insecurities, even give tips, and encourage one another.

My first insecurity right now is this:

I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DOWNLOAD A PIC INTO THIS POST. You know the badge thingie that signifies that this is an Insecure Writer's post.

In August, I downloaded Windows 10. Well ... I had to pay for what it messed up in my computer. I can't even remember what it screwed up now (by the way I turned 50 last week- the memory issue could be my age). But I definitely recall taking my computer into a shop and paying a seventy-three dollar fee.

And right now, I can't print and I can't download pictures from my folders. I thought I had it figured out a couple of weeks ago because all I had to do was click on some do-hickey up in the right hand corner. But it has since disappeared. I am so moronic sometimes when it comes to technology.

It really makes me more NUTS than insecure to be honest.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Hugs and chocolate,

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conspiracy Theories: Government Use of Smoke and Mirrors

I don't need to say much here. But our government does use issues like 'gun control' to cover up what is really going on. It's sad that the Doctors Without Walls hospital was blown to bits by our own military. One more strike against the US government.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in Adonai with all your heart, do not rely on your own understanding.

And might I add, don't put your trust in any government.

Pray for everyone all around the world. They all need Yeshua.

Hugs and chocolate, all!

Friday, October 2, 2015

An On-line Novel: The Immoral: Spoiled and Abnormal

 Mr. Haggerman grasped the right metal handle to the read double doors leading into the high school. His meeting with the Principal Ray lasted twenty minutes. It proved to be a sheer waste of time.  Being a school teacher was a lot more different than being a sergeant in the military. He had served twenty years in the United States Army. Wished I could back. At least the Army gave him the ability to correct what high schools, both public and private, along with parents had created in their sons and a handful of daughters that had enlisted. He felt useless at his attempts to fix any ninth grade class that had entered his room over the last five years of tenure. Spoiled brats!

Laughter filtered down the hall toward him as he swung the door open. Like he figured, his classroom was out of control. I should make them drop and give me a hundred. He stuck a stubby finger into his stiffly, starched shirt collar and ran his finger around it, tracing at the sweat that had accumulated on his neck. Too bad I don't have twenty tooth brushes and cans of cleanser. The floor could use a good scrub. But caution ruined his ideas. Miss Wadsworth's was in his class for the second time in a row, and her family would make a big stink. It hadn't been the first time. Money talked. He had been warned last year that he would be the one to walk if he used military style discipline on her. If only I could bend her over my knee. That's what she needed. A good, old-fashioned spanking. Someone had to give that girl direction.

Halfway toward his rowdy class, Mr. Fisher swung his small hips and strutted toward him.

Mr. Haggerman slid his dark-rimmed glasses midway down his nose, and peered over them at the teen. Twinkle toes. He knew his kind. Great! In the military, they kicked those kind out. They were a distraction.

The kid stopped in front of him. A guilty-look washed over the clear-skinned, teen's face. He also swallowed an obvious lump.

The teacher stuck pushed his glasses back, shoved both hands into his trouser pockets, and jingled his change. He noted a wrinkled brown bag the boy carried. "Did you step out for lunch, Mr. Fisher?"

Ronald lowered his eyes. "I didn't get to eat breakfast, sir." His voice sounded small and girlish.

"You need a hall pass to be out here." The ex-army man watched the kid skitter cowardly toward his classroom. He is definitely one of them. Military taught him how to spot one. He glanced up at the ceiling. Why me God? Why do I get to be so lucky again this year?

Shelly Arkon © 2015