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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where I’m At

Well, I’m still writing and working out Lila’s stuff. You see, when someone like me, an aspiring author, does what we do, most times we have to work a day job. Sometimes those day jobs get in the way but we keep plugging along despite the curve balls. That’s what I’m doing.

I’ve got several more hills of editing and rewriting to do. Secondhand Shoes is rather action-packed. And to be honest, there aren’t too many resting points so I need to create some breather-chapters. I wouldn’t want any reader to pass out from a faint heart or because their blood pressure rose too high from reading the novel. I can remember a movie I went to see with my dad. He had to leave because his blood pressure went sky high and he needed a good dose of his meds to bring it back down. There  were no resting points for a good forty-five minutes.

So my friends, when will I be finished? Hopefully, soon. But I can’t publish something that’s not ready. It would be like eating a half-baked cake. That sounds pretty gross to me. How about you?

For me, it’s all about quality and entertaining you all properly….and to make you all happy campers. I never want my readers to have ask WTF?


  1. Yes, Shelly. No half-baked cake! You do what you need to do. The rest will follow. Those quiet moments in a book allow you to develop character, which is what every good book needs. Although I do enjoy a fast pace book!

  2. It takes time to perfect the book. You'll get Lila out into the world soon. Can't wait.

  3. @Lorelei: I've been told it's definitely not boring but there does need to be more breathing room. SO....

    @Miranda:Thank you for your encouragement.

  4. I think the book tells you when it's finished.

  5. It's finished just not perfected, Sir Wills.


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