The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Someone Always has to Piss in Someone Else’s Bowl of Cheerio’s

Well, Secondhand Shoes is not only a paper back but an ebook for Kindle now, on Amazon. The blog party will happen. Probably in February. I’ve got to put together some things first. Work gets in the way, you know.


My friend, Marcella and mwa at my silent book signing in Starbuck’s.

A lot of people in New Port Richey have been very supportive of me. I’ve sold thirty books and have given away two. So far, I have gotten rave responses.

“You are going to write a sequel, aren’t you?”

“Lila’s mom was sooo mean.”

“Your descriptions were awesome. I could feel everything your characters were feeling.”


“I haven’t had a chance to read your book. But my husband has. And he says the car in your book never existed back then.”

I said, “Really?” I didn’t feel the need to stick around and argue. Besides, she didn’t say which car and well…like I said, I didn’t bother to ask. It all struck me strange.

So as I got into my car, I got to thinking about all the cars I mentioned in the book. Because I know I lived in 1984. I was nineteen and married to a mechanic who owned a 1975 Impala.  The pic below is from the internet, of course. The one we had was burgundy colored with a black vinyl roof.


Anyway, the man was a genius when it came to cars. Not to mention, he loved them. He’d spend hours polishing and tinkering with them. He even built race cars from scratch for Tom Stiemenz.

The Impala we had, he reconstructed the engine for drag racing. It was truly an awesome car.

I also mentioned a Town and Country station wagon. My mom owned one and terrorized the streets in it. A real lead foot looney.

towne and country

When I was a teenager, my first car was a 1971 T 37 Leman’s Pontiac. I bought it from an older couple for seven hundred fifty eight dollars. It had thirty thousand miles on it, in 1983.

1971 T37 Pontiac Lemanz

My grandmother drove a chevette.


My brother drove a 1979 Trans Am. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pic for that one.

And almost every redneck boy in Manatee County drove either a Ford or Chevy monster truck.

monster truck

Guess you all now know where I got my cars from. I thought I was writing about what I knew. ***shrugs*** It’s all good though. We can’t please everyone.

At least her husband read the book, right? Another writer friend reminded me of this.


Before I end this, my good friend, author Lorelei Bell would like to give you all a peek of her new book cover to her third book in the Sabrina Strong Series.

Vampire Nocturne

Hugs and chocolate,



  1. Perfect title for the post. Some people just have to try and point out what they don't like. Unfortunately the internet makes it feel like it's their duty! Well, I'm sure you'll wind up with way more good comments than bad anyway! And thanks for that peek at Lorelei's new cover!

    1. Thank you. Yes. They do. And I'm really excited for Lorelei's book three.

  2. Greetings Shelly,

    Your posting title has given me the thought of going over and pissing in my human's bowl of Lucky Charms. Talk about magically delicious.

    I must say that was a rather petty comment passed on to you. Some folks just like to make a deal out of nothing at all. My human remembers the cars in your photos. And when he lived in Canada, his first car was a 1964 Plymouth Valiant with push button automatic. He bought it in 1972.

    My human will be mentioning your book in a posting in early February. All the beast, I mean, all the best!

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and next 'Paw Minister' of Britain!

  3. I've come to the conclusion that there are just those people that will take/make every attempt to bring another matter what. You can research, edit, re-write, etc...but, someone will always find something wrong with it...even when there is nothing. Chin've done a wonderful job with it and I'm glad it is now out finally as an ebook...!! Congratulations, my friend. You've done well!!

  4. The fact that he read the book is huge. Just take that and run with it. BTW, my first car was a tan Chevette like the one in the picture. Biggest piece of junk ever made. ;)

    1. Very true. And yes, the Chevette was a big piece of junk. My grandmother's was for sure.

  5. Joyce is right. That he read the book says volumes. He finished it which says even more. :-)

  6. My best friend in high school drove a Chevette. I didn't drive so I spent a lot of time riding around in hers.

    It is very true that you're not going to please everyone. You just have to do the best you can do and then grin and bear it, I guess.

    Congratulations on the eBook release!

    1. Oh thank you, M.J. The blog party will come. Just gotta get things together.

  7. There is always that someone that is going to come out like they know everything. I wouldn't stress too much on it. BTW my parents owned a T&C Station Wagon with those fake wood like panels back in the day, ugh. I had a friend who drove a Gremlin when they were cool too! :)

    1. Always...I know. I'm a hairdresser....Besides, I had 3 beta readers, two different editors, and 7 critique partners.

  8. You're doing what i do, focusing on the one or two negatives when others rave (in a good way). Focus on the good.

    and when you're ready to party the book, I'd love to feature you on JW.


  9. Sorry about the creepy woman pissing in the Cheerios. Sad and curious phenomenon, those cereal pissers. All we can do is try to limit our exposure to them and pray for them.

    Congrats on the book signing.

  10. Ignore the idiot reviews, Shelly. We all get them. Even authors like Stephen King, Janet Evanovich and Dean Koontz get them. Goes with the territory, unfortunately.

    I still can't figure out how some of these morons have managed to read a book, let alone review it....

    1. I know. Thought I'd mention all the cars for validation I guess.

  11. Darn those wet blankets! I just never know why people find it necessary to rain on our parades. I mean, what good comes of it? Sheesh. I loved looking at the car pics, lol. I drove an Impala back in the day but I can tell you it did not look nearly as awesome as the one pictured! And probably nothing like your cool purple one, either.

    When I drove mine home on late winter nights, I had to pray I'd hit green lights the whole way because if I had to stop at a red I'd stall. Every time.

    Congrats on the great support you're enjoying! You deserve it all!

  12. Hey, Shelly, my dear friend! I've watched you struggle through all that you had to do (menatlly physically, emotionally) to get this book out there and I want to say I am soooooo proud of you!

    Some people just like to try and rain on your parade... or do the nasty thing in the Cherio's--however the hell you spell it!

    I wish you the best and golly 30 books is terriffic! YOU GO GIRL!

    1. Thanks, Lorelei. Chocolate hugs back to you.

  13. We should send Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds, after the wet blankets....

  14. I remember all of those cars. Of course, I remember older ones too. Pay no attention to the critics if you know you are right! Wonderful comments from the rest. So glad it is going well! Congrats.


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