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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Lightning

People are being struck by lightning ... a lot! California being one of many states that has felt the wrath.

About a month and a half ago, on my way to work one morning, lightning was whipping through traffic. Yes. You read right. It was streaking through traffic as cars were driving and stopping at the traffic lights.

Before I turned down the main drag, a long electrical whip raced across the hood of my car and the woman's next to me. We both looked at each other to confirm we weren't seeing things. Mind you, I live in Florida, the lightning capital.

A week later, on a Tuesday evening, I witnessed lighting stretching out of the night sky with intention. It was as if each strike had fingers zapping the road. In all my life I've never seen lightning with a mission.

What could this mean?

Are they yet more signs from the heavens that God's not happy with the humans on planet earth? Could it be a sign that we need to get our crap together? Does he use nature to show Himself?

In, The Science of God, Gerald L. Schroeder explains it as: 'We are told that two aspects of a transcendent infinity labeled as God have been "condensed" and projected into our spatially and temporally finite universe. One is revelation, written in words, that we call the Bible. The other reveals itself in the wonders of nature and the laws by which nature functions'.

He also quotes Exodus 14:21, where God used wind that blew all night to split the Sea of Reeds. The sea Moses led the people of Israel through. This of course is only one of many instances where God uses nature.

And with God anything is possible. But I'm still wondering if He is trying to get our attention through nature. Here's a video to think about before I Celebrate the Small Things:

What do y'll think? Ooky-Spooky, eh?

Now for my celebrations on behalf of VikLit, at Scribblings of an Inspiring Author .

* No-No and Ya'akov are staying safe. HAMAS shot fifty rockets on Wednesday. Only one landed near Tel Aviv, exploding on a main highway. Thank God it was in the middle of the night. No one was hurt.

* Sunday, I get to pick up the Glowstick for a sleepover and a shopping day. YAY!

* This week, instead of getting majorly depressed and giving up on the Killer Stilettos dilemma, I worked on another project and have come quite far with it.

* Hubby's cancer scans came back clean again. YAY!

* And I've dried quite  a few herbs from my garden this week, collected five more tomatoes, and six peppers.

Hope everyone has a chocolate filled weekend. Happy Shabbats if you practice!

Hugs and chocolate!


  1. Your husbands clean cancer screening is a huge celebration! Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Yes. It is. You have a great weekend as well.

  2. Good news on the clean cancer scans!
    Lightning could be used by God. Surely there are enough other signs from the Bible happening today that indicate we are in the end times. (If so, bring on the Rapture. I know where I'm going.)

  3. Alex: The signs are everywhere.

  4. Fantastic news for your husband, yay! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Excellent news about the scans. A weekend of chocolate for me.

  6. My Fiona and Pinky hate lightening and thunder and were up all night yesterday. I'm still a zombie. I guess all we can do is pray for peace. Very happy for Sweetman.

    1. Sir Poops and Hair Ball are the opposite. They like watching it.

  7. I think you're right, Shelly. We've had freak storms like that here, too.

  8. It would be great if we could get our act together without any disasters having to prompt us.

  9. I'm so happy to hear about your husband's clear scans! Yay!

  10. So pleased your husband's scans came back clear. Don't things home grown taste so much nicer?

    1. There is nothing like homegrown veggies. They're sweet and robust.

  11. Happy to hear the great news about your hubby! I sometimes wonder about the weather anomalies and whether God is angry at this country. I hope you aren't giving up on Killer Stiletto's! The last couple of months have been a hectic time. You and your family are still in my prayers. Take a break, clear the mind and soul and take time for yourself. I miss reading.


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