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Monday, October 27, 2014

Just Blame It All On Me! Or Could It Be the Planets?

"What did you do to your computer now?!" Whenever anything goes awry in my house it's always my fault per the Sweetman.

This year has been a real hoot since I received my new computer last Christmakah. Little did either of us know that Windows 8 was a royal PITA! It has put me way behind in getting anything finished.

Last Friday, I was ready to open the sliding door, go out onto my second floor balcony, and throw the darned thing on the driveway and watch it smash to smithereens. The system has crashed so many times since I've had it that I've lost count.

I've had Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox as browsers. They have all crashed repeatedly. When this happens I have to Refresh my computer. In return, I lose most of my apps and spend a lot of hours redownloading them. 

Before I refreshed my computer last week, I saved everything I had written to a 4GB drive. Throughout the year, I also emailed myself what I had written. Anyway, during the reloading of apps ... things weren't going as smoothly as I liked so I called the Skinny-computer-guy.

Last Saturday, or was it the Saturday before last... I lose track. Anyway, he spent time with my computer. He asked me what some of my problems were. My biggest problem at the time was the multiple chapter 37's in my manuscript. It was a mystery to me. Well, when he opened up the Killer Stiletto doc, he found only chapters 1 through 27. ARG!

When I looked on my 4GB, it was the same. AAAAAA! Chapters 28 through 60 were missing! And in my email, chapters 37 through 60 were missing...the last one is my error. I take full responsibility for that one. Thankfully, I have a storyboard on my office wall.

But no matter what, Sweetman loves to blame me for all my computer mishaps. But Mercury did go retrograde on October 4th. It ended on October 26th. 

 When this happens, it tampers with all means of communication and usually means you'll have to re-do something. Yeah...well...guess what folks? I've got a lot of chapters to rewrite and I'm not happy about it. Not to mention, there will be 10 days of residual stuff from this planet. YIKES!

And now, my newest problem is getting software to dowload off the Hewlett Packard site for my printer. OY VEY! Even the Sweetman suggested I save my pennies to buy a whole new computer.

Hopefully, this will solve itself by next week when the retrograde is finished messing with us. But then again, we just had a partial solar eclipse. And eclipses bring change. Or maybe it was the two blood moons we've had this year.

What is a blood moon? Well, it's a lunar eclipse where the sun aligns itself behind the moon, giving it, the moon, a red or sometimes orange hue. 

The first one occurred during Passover and the last one was around Yom Kippur. There will be 2 more next year around the same Jewish holidays. When there are four in a row, they're call Tetrads. The Jewish sages say when these happen, it signifies something big is going to happen with regard to Israel. The last three Tetrads happened very closely to the Spanish Inquisition, when Isreal became a nation, and the Six Day War. And a lot has happened since between the last two blood moons.

Might I add, that on March 20, 2015, there will be a full solar eclipse. The Jewish sages say, this means judgement to all the nations. So are we looking for WW3 to come? Or my computer completely exploding?

I know Genesis 1:14 says, 'And God said, 'let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.'

And since God is the Boss of the Universe, He can use whatever He wishes to speak to us. But still...I want my computer to work.

 Dear God, please heal my computer.


So is God speaking to us? To me?

Anyway, I wanted to leave this one last thought with you, the day that Yeshua hung on the cross there was a full solar eclipse. It lasted for 3 hours.

Luke 23:44-46 It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour, for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two.

Yeshua called out in a loud voice, "Father,   I commit my spirit." When he had said this, he breathed his last.

To me, this was God's way of letting everyone who witnessed Yeshua's death know that He had fulfilled the sacrificial covenant--the second covenant spoken of by the prophets in the Torah portion of the Bible. God knew from the very beginning that it would be impossible for mere human beings to keep His laws. The Jewish peeps proved that many times over and over again. So He sent a one time sacrafice in flesh and blood to atone for the sins of the people. All people. All nations. All tongues. 

I hope you all know Him. And I hope all of you aren't having major computer issues.
And I wish Sweetman would stop blaming me when things go wrong.

Hugs and chocolate!

PS Eventually, Killer Stilettos will be completed. 


  1. Windows 8 is such a pain. Too bad you can't find an old Windows 7 version somewhere. That would solve a lot of issues.
    May God heal your computer in the meantime.

    1. I need to save my pictures to a 4GB, then it can happen.

  2. My new computer has some of the same problems. The most frustrating one is the administrator doesn't know who I am and I have no idea how to fix it. If I could just remember the password I used it would be so much better. One day I will go to the Geek squad and hopefully get it fixed.

  3. I've also opened a doc only to realize a huge portion of what I've written is gone. It's horrible. Like someone kicking my stomach all day long.

    My sympathies.

  4. I know no one that finds anything remotely useful in windows 8. It's a total pain in the ass and waste on money and time. Hopefully your computer will soon start working for you. I know the pain of losing hundreds of pages already written. Hugs and good luck!

    1. I really, really don't like Windows 8 at all.

  5. Windows 8 is terrible. I don't have it personally, but it is on my father's computer so I've had my fair share of battles with it.

    I wish you much luck with dealing with it,

  6. That rates as a razem frazem sort of thing.

  7. We have Windows 8.1 and it works great. Collin says if you go to their app store, you can get it there.

  8. I'm so sorry you lost all that work. However, though I'm rooting for it to fix itself, if you make me choose between WWIII and the book being finished...

    1. As of today, my computer is back in the hands of the Skinny-computer-guy. He had to blow up the computer drive to fix it.

  9. Wow! I certainly hope that doesn't signify that something ominous is about to happen! Windows 8 stinks! We installed it for a full 30 minutes, and decided it was the worst thing ever. We're using Windows 7.

  10. Hi Shelly,

    Yes, wonders never cease. I have finally arrived to leave a comment. Sorry about my um, notable absence.

    Speaking of computers, along with all my moving fiasco, my computer is slower than a parked car. I was going to get a new computer. Then I realised I needed brand new everything. A new computer shall wait. Windows 8, I dread that part.....

    Take care, Shelly.


  11. Ewww. I'll remember that about Windows 8, if I ever do get a new laptop. I don't mind the Vista. It seems to work fine. However, I did an "up-date" and every time I had something open through the LibreOffice (an updated version of Open office), it kept crashing--of course my computer let me bring it back to life, but I decided to not use it any more because it seemed to cause problems.
    Sigh. I'm more worried about keeping my computer in my office for the winter and hope this winter isn't as bad as last year-cold wise--I don't like moving it around and trying to work in the dining room where I'm no longer by myself and can't hear the TV going.
    Chocolate hugs & hope everything works out for you, dear!

    1. Thank you. Wrote a new post tonight about it.


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