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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Conspiracy Theories: Predictive Programming or Exposing the Elites Plan for Humanity

I love the X-Files. I've always been a fan. However, there have been some interesting coincidences correlating to America. 

How the Elite of this country use pharmaceuticals, GMOS, television, consummerism and much more...against us. 

With this episode though, I found it interesting that FOX heavily advertised another new show between takes. Lucifer. It will be airing on Monday nights after the X-Files?

Hmmm...rubbing my chin here. Anyway, the initial X-Files show aired on Sunday night. The premise: alien abductions and human-alien hybrids. Is it aliens coming to harm us or the human elite? It left me asking this: are the powers that be preparing us for Lucifer  and his fallen making a nationwide appearance?

Lucifer. Aliens. They both come from the sky. Are they the Watchers of old? The Fallen Angels who mated with human women? And Lucifer being the Fallen Star, bright morning star. The angel of light. He was one of the most beautiful angels that God had made.

Yup. Handsome and beautiful can trap you evert time. If you let it.


Are GMO'S, television, and pharmaceuticals part of alien technology? Lucifer and the Fallen ' s agenda to take over? Are they really demons posing as angels of light who want what is best for us all?

Maybe one day, we'll find out.

Ever read the Book of Enoch, Jasher, or Jubilees?


  1. Your comments do make sense, Shelly....

  2. I have. I've always like X-files, but that was the original. Havn't seen the recent ones.
    BTW, I've been seeing ads for sending away for a free DNA sample kit. You do your swab and send it back. Right away I thought: Who wants our DNA and why? I don't need to know who I'm related to--I know. The ad really sent up red flags with me. What do you think?

    1. The government wants our DNA. Some rumors say the elite want to see if there is anyone out here with Nephilim DNA.

  3. The original X-Files was one of my favorite shows. I even have a 4-DVD collection of the "best" ones. The other evening I watched via internet the first of the new series. Definitely will not follow. The original was just that, original. Now it feels as though they are really reaching. As for DNA testing, everyone will learn they go back to the same continent! If the government plans to start collecting, like on the X-Files, what would be their purpose? Cloning? NCIC/DNA?

    1. The government always has its reasons. Usually shady.


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