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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who Can You Really Count On In Your Time of Need?

Having a broken arm is like being on a deserted island. People come to visit you within the first week making promises that they never keep to come see you again. In a time like this I have figured out who my real friends are. This even includes family.

I have one friend who has been here Monday through Friday. She comes around 10 AM and leaves by 1 PM. She walks Beanie-Bean and Hair Ball, does some light house chores, cooks dinner, and makes my lunch. I know she has other pressing things to do. BUT, she comes everyday. The first week, she stayed with me through Sunday. I'm ever grateful for her.

When I put out a request for help to my 5 daughters, only 2 responded. The youngest came once. That was 2 Saturdays ago. The one who lives in Israel will be here next Tuesday to relieve my friend for 2 weeks. At least, I have 2 daughters out of 5 that I can count on. Funny, too. These are the 2 who never ask for money. Strange how that works.

At one time, I had a client who had a series of bad health issues. It took him to a bedridden state. He told me many times, that in the beginning of his plight, friends came to see him. But by years end, those friends had stopped contact all together. His highlight of the month until he passed away was me cutting his hair and his son visiting him every other day.

In 2013, I took up something on my bucket list. Read the Torah and the Christian Bible all the way through. Doing this gave me a whole new perspective on life and how we treat each other. God wanted us to love Him with all our might and then love our neighbors as ourselves. The Ten Commandments were the standard on how to do that. But for years, like the majority, I saw this as an impossible feat because of the words 'THOU SHALT NOT'.

No longer do I focus on those words. Instead, I focus on how some one would feel if I lied about them, stole from them, etc. It's about putting your needs aside to benefit the other person or people in your lives.

If everyone practiced this concept, there would be no divorce, no venereal disease, no war, no hunger, no child or animal abuse, no domestic violence, no homelessness, no broken hearts or homes, no racism, no violence, no need for guns. I could go on and on here.

Before the fall of Adam and Eve, I'm sure this was God's intention for humanity. But, y'll know the story.

Hope this post inspires you to do something kind today.

Hugs and chocolate,

PS God has my back.


  1. Your friend reminds me of a friend of my parents. If someone was ill in the family, or there was a death, she'd bake dinners and bring them by the house just so there was one less thing to do for people who were already overwhelmed.

  2. Shelly, you are an inspiration to all of us to do better....

  3. Putting the needs of others before our own is what we are supposed to do, but it seems to be the hardest thing for anyone to do. Your friend is an angel. At the very least, other people could call.

  4. That has happened to me also. The first few weeks everyone helps and the life gets in the way and stuff happens and you get lost in the the road.
    You are very lucky to have such a great friend to help you.
    Now as I am pretty much house bound and living away from my best friends I don't do much. But sometimes that is the hand life has dealt you. I do write notes and send flowers and small gifts. Just the best I can do.
    I hope your arm will be feeling better soon.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Sounds like you have a pretty good family. And Hamish is at your side.

  5. Aw. Sorry to hear about the injury. Hope you're feeling better by now.

    It's really a blessing to have friends we can count on. And sometimes, it takes an untoward incident like this for us to find out who are real and who are not.

  6. So sorry to hear about your broken arm! Sometimes all it takes is one person who cares. I've learned that in your darkest hours, you truly learn who you can count on. Hang in there! Everything's gonna be okay. :)

  7. Sad how that works about the money. Sadly, the world is full of takers and givers.


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