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Monday, February 28, 2011

Character Blog: Lila’s Best Friend, Cynthia Miller

Right now, I’m in a hurry. Lila needs me. She’s hiding in a room at Motel 6 somewhere off I-75, going toward Orlando. Wished she would’ve listened to me. Wished she were hiding in my parent’s beach house. I offered that days before and the day of the wedding. “Too afraid of ruining her mother’s plans,” she said. Always has been, ever since elementary school.

I know she’s in trouble even though she’s gifted. She never listens to herself or what the other side tells her. How come I know she’s not crazy? Her mother seems to know nothing. Glad she’s not my mom. I would’ve committed suicide or something a long time ago.

That Max Butz is no good, and I knew it when I met him. His eyes are always bloodshot and he hangs with scumbags. So grody. Even his father, Mr. Butz referred to him as a peckerhead at the reception. Said he saw him and his skanky friends put something in the trunk of his car. Said his own son was no good. Even though Max’s mother said it was Champaign talking, everyone knows that booze acts like a truth serum. The religious nut’s hiding something, too. Know she is.

Anyway, can’t chat too much longer. My friend needs me and I wouldn’t miss any of this for the world. Would love to see the look on Babs-zilla’s face when the truth comes out about the person she pushed her daughter to marry.

Hope she stays put until I get there. She’s a little naïve about things, too. Not a worldly woman like myself.

I could see Anne Hathaway playing the part of Cynthia Miller.



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  1. Hey, Eve: Well Cynthia is more knowlegeable about things.

  2. Sorry I've been missing these posts.

    Shelly, you're good!

  3. Norma: No problem. It takes time to read this stuff.


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