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Monday, March 7, 2011

For the Love Craved

Can’t say this is exactly a love scene but it’s as close as it gets for Lila’s groom.The scene below takes place after Max, his mother, and friends find her at the Motel Six. She happens to be in the shower when they all bust into her room and right after Max’s friend, Coon, is attacked by bees and taken to the ER.

His finger traced the lapel of my robe and then traveled between my cleavage. “Where’s that pretty thing I want you to wear?”

I removed his hand from me and backed away. He smelled like several-days-passed. The English Leather didn’t hide the stench, but intensified his rancidness. The beer and Mad Dog complimented whatever he was roasting under his arm pits.

I pinched my nose and stood, moving away from the bed. In the background the horror movie played on.

“Come on, baby doll. Go put on that lacey thing and give me some lovin?” He swung his legs up onto the bed. “You’re my wife now.” He let out another loud croak.

My skin did the creepy-crawl thing, and I took three steps back toward the bathroom. “‘Kay, give me a moment.”

He sat on the bed drinking down another beer and then another. His eyes adorned the empty cans like they were trophies. A smile stretched across his face when he looked up at me, and he waggled his brows.

There’s no way I’m having babies with that. I’ll gag myself to death with a spoon before I let him have his way with me.

He reached over to the case of beer, grabbed another one, and popped it open. I watched him gulp that one down too. It sounded like he had speed bumps in his throat as it went down. Glump. Glump. Glump. Three glumps and it was gone. Another can strewn across the room. This made eleven beers.

The alcohol made him brave, and he crawled across the bed at lightening-speed toward me, and stood. He swayed a little while he wrapped his arms around my waist. “Forget the darned lacey thing?”

I stepped back trying to keep my balance, and my nose out of the smelly territory.

The creature on the television screen cackled loud. It didn’t seem to end until a female screamed and the monster-man-thing laughed again.

Like vines, Max’s hands snaked up and down my body. One moment they were at my breasts and within seconds they were on my thighs. They were fast, and before I could think another thought he had my bath robe at my waist. I pushed at his hands creeping towards my breasts. He laughed out brewery-stench.

I held my breath and thrashed about. A small squeal escaped the pit of my stomach. This made him stronger. Our hands wrestled midway to my breasts. He fondled them. His calloused hands ripped at my skin. Everything in me wanted to scream, but what good would that do. I smacked at his hands instead.

Swatting at his hands, amused him. “See. I know what girls like.” He looked like the creature on the television set. His smile distorted as he smacked his lips together. “Come on, baby doll.” His bloodshot eyes looked at my breasts.

For a moment I freed myself from his suction-cup-hands. I moved to the side. He swayed along with me and grinned. It reminded me of a wolf salivating over its prey.

Screams and wicked laughter poured from the television.

My heart looked for away to escape my chest. It jumped to my stomach and then my throat. It got stuck and restricted my air. I felt faint and teetered toward Max.

He rushed toward me placing his arms around my waist once again. He pressed his chest against mine.

I hung like a rag doll against him.

He lifted my head, put his mouth on mine and pried it open with his tongue. His tongue danced its way down my throat. It tasted of stale cigarettes and mixed cocktails.

I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t move.

Before I knew it, he had me onto the bed. My body stiffened as he pressed his body on top of mine.

“You know you want it.”


  1. Wow!!! I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or smack his ass around a bit...good one!

  2. Woah... good stuff. I want more!

  3. @Lauren:
    I'm working on it. Filling in them thar holes.

  4. Good God... Max is a right jackass.


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