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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Field Trip to A Gun Shop

I’ve been meaning to do this post for weeks now, but once again life has weaved it’s tricks in. 

Several Mondays ago, my critters informed me that I didn’t know jack-squat about rifles, shot-guns, and handguns. Well, to be honest, they were correct. A gun is a gun to me. It doesn’t matter how it operates, it still fires holes into things, animals, and people.

Lila, the main character in this novel, doesn’t know anything about them either but gets a fast lesson on them from her best friend, Cynthia. If you’ve read her character blog, you’ll learn she’s got herself in a pickle jar. Her life is in danger.

So I visited my local gun shop slash shooting range, The Firing Line, located on 6123 Ridge Rd., Port Richey, Florida. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 8 PM, Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM. Phone number: 727-849-7457.

I wanted to shout out a big thank you to Rob for showing me the difference between a shotgun and rifle.

For your information:

Rifles have metallic cartridges that look like little missiles. They are single projectiles and the caliber tells what size it is.

Shotguns have many shots. They're encased in a cylander with many pellet-type objects. A gage determines the size of the bullets.

Either of these can be loaded via a magazine clip.

A small handgun is also known as a glock. One must aim and fire unlike the shotgun and rifle. When holding the handgun pretend your hand is entering a handshake. This can also be loaded with a magazine clip.

These are a few things I learned. This information helps when I watch YouTube videos on the subject.

And before I close this post, I can't stress enough on research for your fiction novels. Do not bullshit your way through a novel. Readers get mad when you do. Become as knowledgable as possible on anything you have no clue about. Yes, it takes time but better to be safe than sorry. You want happy fans of your novels, not ones that will have your head on a platter.


  1. Hey Shelly,

    A Glock is only a Glock when that's the manufacturer, there are lots of different kinds of handguns, so it's not interchangeable. Glocks are distinctive because of their modern appearance and squared off muzzle. Not all shotguns can be loaded by magazine clip, especially not the double barrel kind, they only offer two shots before reloading is needed. :)

  2. Heaven help us. Shelly knows about guns! Duck and cover! LOL
    I hope Rob let you feel how heavy they were too. I also think it really is great to get some first hand knowledge about something like this. Very cool.

  3. I prefer the Smith & Wesson, or when I need a cannon, a Magnum will put a huge hole in a bad ass.

    I actually went and bought a magazine on guns, once. I've got it burried somewhere. Need to find that thing.

    Does anyone else worry that the police will come into your home, go through your things and think you're a terrorist because of all the books and articles you collect on weaponry and poisons etc.???

  4. Oh my...look at ya all knowing about guns. Amazing.

    Lisa thanks for the tip. I took notes but when I do that, it looks like chicken scratch.

    Lorelei: I do wonder if they'll come hunt me down from all the research I do, yes. That would be something.

  5. I consulted with a police firearms unit officer when I had my questions in this field.

  6. @Sir Wills: That's a good idea, too.


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