The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Update

First, I want to thank William Kendall, Beth Muscat and Lorelei Bell for taking time out of their days and away from their projects to read Secondhand Shoes.

Second, I'm still going through the suggestions. Each one has found different issues. It's always good to pick three beta-readers. Each one has a special talent for certain things and/or first hand knowledge one sometimes doesn't have.

Third, I'm reworking some truck scenes since one of the characters is a trucker. I've only had experiences with one and his truck from the dating years. And might I add, he was a character, too.

Fourth, I'm getting there folks. Once I've gone through the enitire MS, it will be sent to my editor. I'm getting closer everyday. I'm pushing for January 30th for it to get into her hands, God and Universe willing.

Thanks for your patience,


  1. @Eve: I wish I were Super Woman.

  2. I'm getting towards the ending! With luck, I'll have my edits to you in time.

  3. Thanks, Sir Wills. You're quicker than a bunny. That's for sure.


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