The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Character Wars

This past week was busy promoting Secondhand Shoes. So I didn’t get too much writing done on either of my ongoing writing projects, White Trash and Pill Heads and Yellow Prada’s.

Yellow Prada’s is at 10,174 words. It is the next book/novelette in Lila’s adventure as a psychic-medium. It will be a short one that will pave the way for the third one, Combat Boots.

The first title is at 41,901 words (I’m still trying to figure out the title for the first book). There will be three to four books in this series, possibly more. Many interesting characters have introduced themselves to me. But the main focus for the first four books will be on the paternal and maternal grandmothers and what they go through to help their grandbaby.

But there’s a war going on….

“Excuse me.” An old woman in a lavender chiffon dress floats in front of me. “Don’t you think you should get cracking on my granddaughter’s story? The public is waiting, dear.”

“I’m doing my best, Gram,” I say.

One of my kitchen chairs scrapes across my wood floor and a dark blonde woman plops in a chair beside me. “The Universe wants you to finish the story about my grandbaby first. Mine is an emergency.”

“Faith, I’m doing my best to get it done. I promise,” I say. “I know your story is important.”

“Hmmph.” Gram crosses her arms across her chest. “Sorry. But my granddaughter’s story was here before hers. Lila’s needs to be finished first. Besides, she’s got enough problems all around her to sink a battleship.”

Faith flips her shoulder length. “I don’t want to be rude or anything, but what could be more important than my daughter and her unborn baby?”

My eyes go from Gram to Faith while they carry on.

Gram juts out her chin. “Well, my Lila, is in Florida in a hospital bed with her leg suspended in the air, while her boyfriend is laying  in a Venezuela one .”

Faith frowns. “But my daughter, Pixie, has a drug problem, is homeless, and has no job. And I’m right in the middle  of giving her a baby shower.”

“What could be horrible about a baby shower? We’ve got a demon-slut seeking to steal Lila’s fiancé’ from her. And her mother, Babs has completely gone of her rocker.” Gram pulls out the chair next to the one Faith is sitting in and sits.

“I’m really worried Stu, my ex  and his crack-head girlfriend will show up and ruin everything for Pixie and her shower. Life is hard enough for my daughter without the two of them.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that, dear. But my poor Lila is more important right now.”

Tears fill Faith’s eyes. “How could you say that? My daughter’s in a pickle jar. And I feel its all my fault. I have to make sure the shower runs smoothly.”

“There’s definitely a difference between my Lila’s problems and yours. We’ve got a demon and you don’t.”

I roll my shoulders back and say, “Sounds to me like you both have demons.”

Gram gives me pointed look. “Really, dear. You need to finish what you’ve started. Lila should come first.”

My eyes veer to Faith who is pleading with her eyes. “You’ve got to help me get through the baby shower and I know you’re going to have to help me with my grandbaby when he’s finally born.”

I let out a long and loud sigh, and say, “I’m doing the best I can, you two. I’m trying to give you my equal time. Really.” Jeesh. Characters.

Anybody else out there go through this when you’re working on multiple projects?


Tomorrow, I ‘ll be doing some shout outs and announcing four winners from the Spreading the News and Cheering on the Run Away Bride Giveaway. Two will be chosen for the 15 dollar Amazon cards and two will be chosen for autographed copies of Secondhand Shoes.

All of you are GREAT!

Hugs and chocolate,



  1. My characters are usually quiet unless I ask for their advice. But yours, are really interesting.

    1. They're never quiet, you know. They want to be heard.

      Hugs and chocolate.

  2. My characters never shut up. :)

    I had to come say hi and tell you that I love your hugs and chocolate. It made me smile.

  3. Very funny!

    Don't you just love it when characters refuse to show proper respect to their author?

  4. I love this! And characters do compete for attention in a very real sense.

  5. Hey Shelly,

    Oh my, my characters have actually come to life, although not from a book. A dog and a bunch of wee folks have taken over my site.

    I forward this posting via the various social networks in regards to your shout outs and winners.

    Wishing positive things for you both.


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  7. Hi, Shelly.

    Really enjoyed the bantering between you characters. Mine do that sometimes... but only when I am just about to crash. My other eighteen zillion things always seemed to push their voices out of me head.

    Hugs and chocolate to you too!


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