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Monday, February 18, 2013

Tomorrow: My Blog Party and the Indie-Recon Conference



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Tomorrow, my party begins. It ends on Thursday, February 21st.

Several good bloggie-REALBIES have come to my aide. Over the next several days they will be Spreading the News and Cheering on the Run Away Bride Give Away. I’ll be visiting blogs and taking notes for the best advice given to Lila, my MC. Every bride needs advice on  her wedding day, even a run away one.

Sir Poops and Hair Ball will be helping me choose who the four winners will be. I’m giving away two 15 dollar Amazon cards and two autographed copies of Secondhand Shoes. Next Tuesday, I will post the winners here.

We’re also asking that peeps Tweet and Facebook about the give away and the Free Ebook. Unfortunately, I’m doing the honor system here. I never have luck with those darned rafflecoptors. They freeze up my computer. So I’ve created the following for your Tweeting and Facebooking pleasure:


FREE BOOKS and prizes @, Feb.19,20,& 21st, #FReeBooks#KindleAmazon please retweet


FREE KINDLE EBOOK Feb,19th, 20th, and 21st Secondhand Shoes Please share this with your friends.

Also, I wanted to give some chocolate hugs to my REALBIES.

Alex J. Cavanaugh


Lorelei Bell

EJ Wesley

William Kendall


Siv Maria

Susan Gourley/Kellly

Sean McLachlan


Norma Beishir

Over the next three days they will be helping me spread the news.


Indie recon

We’ve got this going on, too. I will be attending on Wednesday since I have to work a 9 to 5’er tomorrow and a 1 to 9’er on Thursday. There’s a lot going on out in the cyber-world.

To end this post today, I’d like to let you all know where I’m at on my writing ventures. Currently, the first novella in the White Trash and Pill Heads series is at 40, 320 words. But I don’t have a title for the first book. But I do have this: Faith Wise has planned a baby shower for her daughter, Pixie. Its been rumored that her daughter has been using pills, making Faith concerned. But will Faith be facing an even bigger problem at the shower? Like her crazy, alcoholic ex-husband and his crack-meth addicted girlfriend? NOTE: This could change of course and probably will. 

And Lila’s story continues in Yellow Pradas. I’m at 7 thousand and something words right now.

Also, my blurb has changed because, and since I’m a die hard panster, the characters have changed it up on me again. So the new blurb reads as: Lila now has pneumonia, feeling totally helpless to keep Oshun, the demon-slut from getting to her fiance’, Julio. And something is seriously wrong with Babs, her mother. She’s dressing and talking differently. She’s definitely not herself. When Babs comes around Lila, she gets even more feverish and can barely breathe. What could possibly be going on?

Next Monday, I’m planning a post or rather two of my characters are planning it. They’re at odds with each other as far as whose story should be finished first. Its an argument between Faith Wise and Tilly (she’s a brand new character in Yellow Pradas). ***shrugs and shaking my head***

I’ve rambled enough. Hope to see everyone at the party and the Indie Recon.

Hugs and chocolate,



  1. I saw your word count on the NiNoWriMo site. I've done about a tenth of what you have this month.

    1. I'm a writing mad woman. I still need to wash my face and eat breakfast and its almost noon.

  2. I'm looking forward to Indie ReCon. I'm all ready to take lots of notes. Or at least look like I'm taking lots of notes...

    Best of luck with the blog party!!

    1. Thanks MJ. Hope you stop by for the party.

  3. Hi Shelly,

    I'm am going to endeavour to put up the announcement within the next three days. Just recuperating at the moment. February 21 is the sixth anniversary of my blog and I shall do my best to have mention of your party before that. Sorry if I've caused you any confusion. In the meantime, I shall now forward this posting via the various social networks. Thank you, Shelly and party on!


    1. Its all good. No problem. And thank you.

  4. The blog party is going to be FUN!!!!

  5. I will be adding this into my blog for today, Shelly!

  6. Popping over from Gary's to say Hi! Your story sounds like a huge amount of fun! :)
    I'll be attending indierecon around my work & family schedule too! :)

  7. I'll tweet and FB the links for you! Very exciting. Sorry I only just found out about your blog party, but maybe when you've got some time after this run you can come and do a guest post on Wagging Tales when you're not so busy. You're always welcome there :)

    1. Not a problem, Charmaine. its almost impossible to keep up with everyone. Especially if you work another job like we do.

      Hugs and chocolate,

  8. How do I miss all this excitement and Yellow Pradas? I wish I was a Realbie? Didn't know what that is and I'm still not too sure but I will be promoting your amazing book soon!Congratulations!

    1. Hey!

      You're a REALBIE....hugs and chocolate.

  9. Found you on Gary's blog. All the best. New follower.


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