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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Secret


“Mom, I know a secret,” No-No said, pulling me into a social worker’s office. The windows were covered in vertical blinds and files laid neatly in three distinct piles on a desk.

I remember pulling my brows together, “You do?”

“Yeah.” No-No’s already big brown eyes grew wide. “But you have to promise not tell.”

“Okay. I won’t say a word to anyone.”

No-No moved away from the desk. Behind her stood my oldest daughter, Fred, looking malnourished everywhere but her stomach. A pregnant belly extended from her.

Panic ran through me and I woke up. Immediately, I got out of the bed and went to the girls’ room. “I know a secret,” I said.

No-No and Fred sat up in their beds. Both swallowed obvious lumps.

My eyes went straight to Fred. She lowered her head.

“You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” I said.

No-No kept her sister’s secret for three months.

I’ve had other similar experiences, but can’t say I’m actually psychic. Although…we’ll leave it for the skeptics to decide. I’ll have more stories for you in the future.

But I’d like to share a little bit on Edgar Cayce. The man has always fascinated me. I’ll try not to be long winded.

Anyway, Edgar Cayce was a man who warred with himself over his psychic abilities since he was church goer and became a member of the Disciples of Christ. Believe me, I completely understand his dilemma.

People referred to him as  ‘the sleeping prophet’. In fact, there is a book about him titled as such.

While in a self-induced meditative trance, he would give  readings. People all over the world would send him letters with their questions. The majority of them were for remedies and healing illnesses.

You can learn more about him by copy and pasting the links below into your browser:


Yellow Prada’s is still being created. This week I tore it apart and have been rewriting portions. I’ve got a couple new characters, too.

Tilly is one. She sports a rainbow-colored Mohawk and uses the word ‘like’ like a lot. It’s the 80’s, of course. She uses quite a bit of slang when she speaks. She’s total punk, wearing a spiked dog collar and a pair of combat boots.

Hope everyone is great!

Hugs and chocolate everyone!



  1. I've read several books on Edgar Cayce. My uncle was on the foundation board. Very interesting society.

  2. I read most of The Sleeping Prophet many years ago. An interesting life.

    1. Yes. Very interesting. My paternal grandfather followed what Cayce did.

  3. Haven't read any Cayce. In fact I know nothing about him except the correct way to pronounce his name. I'll take a look at your link.

  4. Hi Shelly,

    Like Cayce, I reckon you're psychic and can predict that I enjoyed your pawsting, sorry, posting..

    My human's a total punk. I think he got stuck in a 1976 time warp.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

    1. Or maybe it something to do with all the female hormones and energy that used to be happening at my house. ***shrugs***

  5. That's so interesting, never heard of it before!

  6. I've read about Edgar Cayce. He had an interesting life!


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