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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Creepers, Stalkers, and Serial Killers

It was a Friday evening. Shelly lounged on her sofa in front of her television set, computer in lap, and Sir Poops to the right of her laying on his favorite pillow with Hair Ball on her other side. While networking, a message popped up.

“Thank you for accepting my friend request.”

Shelly found it surprising that someone actually said ‘thank you’ for such a thing. It really caught her attention. It’s a rare treat when another author shows gratitude by simply writing a polite note back. So she responded back:

“You’re welcome. Thank you for the note.”

At that point Shelly thought that would be the end of this little conversation, but she got another message.

“Hey, I’d really like to get to know you. I’m a writer. I’ve been working on my book for the last seven years.”

Shelly sees no harm in this and writes back.

“It took me four years to write mine. I’m the author of Secondhand Shoes, a paranormal romance/suspense/thriller. I’ve also got a short story coming out on July 1, 2013, for Kindle only, The Partners’s Progeny.”

Another message pops up.

“So how do you cope with your kids and husband?”

Shelly thought this a little strange, but answered anyway.

“I write. I’m really busy working right now. Later, dude.”

But another message pops up.

“So what are you working on?”

Shelly was getting annoyed now.


Once again, the guy answers.

“I’m working on a book about marketing. How does that work for authors?”

Shelly sees this as a plausible question and answers.

“For Indie authors, we scratch each others’ backs. We promote each other.”

The creeper answers back.

“When do you ever have time for romance? Would you like to be caressed by a real man?”

Shelly ignores this and in a panic looks how to delete and block this jerk. And another message pops up.

“I’m going to the pub now. We’ll chat later. Okay?”

This is a true story, folks. I’ve had this happen on more than one occasion. And yes, he’s been deleted and blocked. But before doing this, I went to his page to see what he was up to. Everyone he’s befriended is a female. A lot of them authors. CREEPY-STALKER-SERIAL KILLER OF AUTHORS, PERHAPS?

One of his comments stated, he was lonely and in need of a good woman. And yet in another one he stated, he was sick of his possessive girlfriend. He also had several provocative poses of himself for a middle-aged adult.

I  know a lot of times I’m so busy doing something else when I accept a request. From now on, I’ll be a little more choosey who I’ll except. It’s not like I want to meet Ted Bundy or the Craig List Killer re-incarnated.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

Hugs and chocolate,



  1. They're everywhere on the internet...unfortunately!

  2. No. Not on facebook.

    I've had a creep join my group over on WD, a year or more ago. I did not know he was into child molesting stories, and when I learned of it, I blocked him and cleaned out the trash. YISH!

    So, good for you. I usually check on people I friend first. I've even had sick-o women trying to befriend me, but I stop that in the beginning and don't go any further. But it happens when you least expect it.

    Sorry you had to have something like that happen to you Shelly. I'd like to just pop someone like that in the nose!
    Chocolate hugs!

  3. LOL, but not in a creepy way.

    I am friendly to random old people - seems like the right thing to do, but inevitably they go all creepers on me. Apparently the 80-something crowd thinks I'm hot. :)

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  5. Oh gross. I'm bad about accepting requests on FB but I do check out their page before hand. If other writers I know are on their freind list I accept. I did have a lonely guy in Iraq contact me and IM me after I accepted his request and some other writers did too but I think he was just a lonely military guy. Anyway, the weirdos are def out there!!

  6. I had a really weird lady give me a lot of hassle on 'Farcebook'. No, not you! :)

    You have to be careful. Me, I'm thankful anybody would accept a friend request from me, yes me, shy and humble me!

    Thank you, Shelly.


    1. Yes. There are serial women out there. I'm a hairdresser, I do know these things.

  7. When my Skype account was in use, I'd get all kinds of flirty nutcases. I even upped my age and stressed my married status. It didn't work, so I disconnected.

    1. I didn't know they could find you via your Skype account. That's real creepy.

  8. Uh, Shelly...looks like you have a spammer here.

  9. That is a stalker! Ugghhh...

    I usually check out their pages first when I get a request. If something feels off, I won't accept it.

  10. It is just bothersome to have people treat you that way. I hope they will all go away and leave you in peace.

    1. I hope blocking and deleting them took care of it.

  11. Very creepy. I did get a creepy feeling from a guy I kind of new in h.s. after I accepted his friend request. Quickly blocked him. The scary thing is you don't even know if that's really them, or someone posing as them, ya know? That's how that one teen was recently murdered--a guy pretending to be someone she knew, stole his FB profile. Did you see that on the news? Scary world :-(

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  13. Yes, definitely creepy. I've had something similar happen on FB, along with a marriage proposal! (and I'm married) I'm so weary on the internet now;) Thanks for your support with W4Ws Shelly <3

    1. You're very welcome. Hope it was successful.

  14. Oh, but how terrible and ick! It is getting worse isn't it!
    I thought you were going to say your hubby was tweeting you, but as you went on it got really creepy and I knew it was the real ugly deal~
    So sorry...sending you extra hugs and chocolate @>--------

    1. Yeah. It seems there are a lot of desperate men out there or something.

  15. Wow. What a creep. I don't have a "public" page, just my personal one, so I don't get requests from strangers...but I know that one day I'll be in your shoes (hahahahaha) and have to worry about it!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  16. Ick! I'm sorry that happened to you.

  17. Tina: Just be careful.

    Mshatch: Ick is right!


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