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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Twister and a BookRaffle

“Get over here!” mom screamed from the pit of her stomach. Her arms flailed from underneath the kitchen table, while my little sister sobbed hysterically, and my brother rocked in a corner.

I wanted to obey, but I had never seen a twister before. Our small mobile home sounded as if a million tuna cans were being shot out of a ga-zillion cannons every second toward us. The sky outside the sliding doors was a watery grey- green color. Wind had picked up everything swirling it round and round into a funnel. I  had never seen anything like it in all my nine years of life.

As suddenly as it had started, it had stopped. Our trailer went unscathed, but the homes around us had either been rolled or tossed into the near-by cow pasture. Not to mention, several dead cows littered the mobile home park.

For some reason, God protected us that day. I really have no clue why either. But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get spared the grief of losing everything.

Lately, it seems every time I turn on the television there’s a flood or a fire ravaging peoples’ homes somewhere in America. The devastation seems to be happening everywhere.

Right after Moore, Oklahoma was hit hard by a tornado, William Kendall, Norma Beishir, and myself put together Authors for Oklahoma. We put together a book giveaway for donations to The American Red Cross.

Many new and Indie authors donated their books for this cause. There is a plethora of genres: mysteries, erotica, and paranormal to name a few. We even have some children and mommy books. Click here for the Authors of Oklahoma fundraiser.

And also, please pass this info to your friends and family.

Hugs and chocolate,



  1. You guys are awesome!

    On a non-fiction note... my fellow worker/friend went on a storm chasing adventure (professionals), and was 10 seconds litterally from dying. He sent me the photo. I hope that he might allow me to use it and a bit of his story for my blog. He took over 300 pictures--this WAS the twister that hit that OK town!

  2. What a great thing, Shelly to do that. We have soooo many tornadoes here in MO.

    1. The weather is going crazy everywhere. Be safe.

  3. Good passage, Shelly!

    And we're getting there!

  4. what a wonderful thing to do!

    1. We're hoping peeps will get involved once we get this going.


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