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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Cover Dilema

"There is no way you're paying over a 100 dollars for another book cover. You haven't grossed enough to pay an editor, buy your copyrights, and so on." Sweetman is the business person in the house.

"But I'm a writer. Not a cover artist." I can't even draw stick people.

"Nor are you a good  business woman. You haven't even made back all your money on what you've spent to promote your books."

So I hang my head in the hall of shame. He's right, you know. But I'm always hopeful.

Soon I'll be releasing Killer Stilettos, and I haven't got a cover yet. I'd like Collin Beishir to do it.  He did the initial cover to my debut novel below.

And the cover to my short story, The Partners' Progeny.

But he would have to re-do the cover to Secondhand Shoes since I'm going with a shoe theme. Money is an issue right now. Things have been changing in my day to day life at The Salon. The corporate hounds have figured out how to take money out of mine and fellow hairdressers' pockets and put it into theirs. Its really cramping my style...if you know what I mean. Not to mention, I do what I can to help the grandbaby.

So the Sweetman says, "You willhave to learn how to make the covers yourself along with the formatting. Save your pennies for the editor." Talk about being scared to death. Clearly, I have no idea about bookcovers. I directed Collin the wrong way with my debut novel. I can't tell you how many emails I've gotten from peeps wanting to know what is wrong with my cover. So I hang my head in shame feeling I didn't do Collin justice in his talents. 

Live, make your mistakes, and hope to God you learn. 

Anyway, I've heard you can make bookcovers via Power Point. In fact, I found some instructions and will be practicing. Don't be surprised if I begin posting off the wall covers just because.

Anyone use Power Point to make their own covers? Anybody struggling money wise? 

The economy does seem to be changing. And it's at the corporate level, wanting more from you while they take more out of our pockets. I'll stop here because I could go on forever about this.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday. This morning I'm working on my rewrites to Killer Stilettos. Later, I'll be heading off to work.

Before I go, here's a few lines from Killer Stilettos:

The night air felt muggy and hot. Low rumbles of thunder sounded around us, and lightening zig-zagged through the dark sky. Big puffy clusters of clouds hovered over us.
“I don’t see any stars. Can we go back to my room now?” The words filtered through a hiccup.
“Ah, mi amor. But this is beautiful.”Julio lifted his eyes to the sky. Thunder boomed again and what looked liked a million lighted crackles filled the sky for a split second.
“You brought me to watch lightening?” It gave me a fright. I hated lightening.
“Pretty cool. Huh?” Julio moved behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my right shoulder.

Out of my right peripheral, something dark but transparent moved.

Hope you enjoyed the diddy.

Hugs and chocolate!


  1. Your cover artist can only deliver a good cover if you give them good direction. Even at the major publishing houses, the guys in the art department don't read the books. They don't have the time. They go by a description given them by the editors. Some publishers have authors fill out a form (at Silhouette, I jokingly described the baby on my first cover for them as a Cabbage Patch Kid--my editor said, "No--that's what they'll give you!").

    1. Norma: it is a lesson learned. Now I have more to learn. The good thing is, hubby does understand marketing. I, on the other hand understand, outrageous.

  2. This is a dilemma facing the majority of writers today. Pay for a professional cover or do it ourselves? I don't see why you can't do it, and more importantly YOU know what of a cover you want. I'm intrigued to see the results!

    1. Of course, the first few will be goofing around.

  3. I've never used Power Point for anything. I'm quite curious about the process and the results—I hope you share them with us!

    1. I've used Power Point in college and when I ran a parent's program.

  4. I use GIMP. It's free and (in my opinion) better than Photoshop. Play with it for a while. Some of my covers are okay(ish) and I'm proud of a few of them. Give it a go.

  5. Whatever option you go with, take your time with it. No need to rush anything, particularly with everything else going on in life.

    1. Sir Wills: good advice to be taken. If I'm learning, I won't be rushing.

      Thank you.

  6. Oh, yeah. In there with you on the $$ part. Can't pay for anything. I have to beg borrow, not down to stealing yet, LOL.
    My first three book covers were done by my ex-publisher, and he granted me the use of them with his blessings. I won a cover done by another writer, and from here on I'm going to have to do them myself. I have people who are shutter-bugs, and hope to enlist their help.

    Keep working on it. I've been practicing with Paints. It's all I know right now.

    Good luck and warm chocolate hugs from my cold state!


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