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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slow Going

I was hoping to have Killer Stilettos perfected and published by December 2013. But last year as a lot of you know, I had my challenges. 
January 2013 began with the knowledge that my husband needed surgery. And by February we learned he had cancer and had to go through chemo which lasted until around June. 
Two weeks hadn't gone by and daughter number 4's drug problem had resurfaced. By August, DCF got involved, and my grand-baby was living with us again, and I filed for custody. It all got messy. Two separate divisions of DCF didn't agree on the outcome of my grand-baby, and before I could even get a court date, the grand-baby went back. Funny, I finally got a court date around December 17th.
But to date, baby is good. The daughter is following through with her outpatient rehab.
But then 2 weeks before Christmas, hubby's doctor found polyps in his voice box and mine found a lump in my neck. Hubby had surgery and a shot of chemo in his larynx a week before Christmas. I had an ultrasound of the thyroid.
Come to find out, my lump was neither a node, a goiter, or cancer. Thank God! The exam found a very swollen lymph node. So the  doctor concluded a flare up of my chronic Epstein Barr. She even found more swollen lymph nodes throughout my body to conclude what she thought. So now I battle the fatigue that comes with that.
Not to mention, my poor 93 year old grandmother has had a bad fall, a bleeding ulcer, her MerSa came back, went through seven blood transfusions, and survived 2 heart attacks before Christmas.
And through all of these life events, I've managed to keep my Salon job, publish 2 short stories, draft  3 other novels, and rewrite Killer Stilettos 32 times--this is the next book in the Lila's Journey Series.
Yup. You did in fact read 32 times. But I also loose my focus when life throws constant curve balls at me. Because sometimes one has to stop what they're doing to deal with stuff.
But soon and very soon, I shall have it perfected.
So before I go, I'm sharing a favorite line from Killer Stilettos. It's a Gram line. When I was reading through it last night, it made me chuckle. It's so her to say:
“I’m not God. I’m just a ghost trying to help her granddaughter.” She spread her arms out wide, palms up.
Do you have to stop writing for weeks sometimes when life throws a doozy at you?
Hope your Monday is a great one. I'm a The Salon on my iPhone. It's quiet for now.
Hugs and chocolate, 


  1. I'm surprised with all of that going on that you'd have time to even think about anything else.

    Hugs and chocolate right back at ya—you deserve it!

    1. Thanks, MJ. Looking forward to a calm 2014.

  2. LIfe will always throw a curve or two at people, and sometimes that curve ball hits you in the noggin.

    32 x's? That a record for you? I've tried to re-write my Vampire Legacy since 1981 and get it published back when. I haven't given up. It will be re-written for last time and I WILL PUBLISH IT!
    Chocolate hugs aplenty to you, Shelly! I love that you never give up, and love granny's line's and that one's a doozy.

  3. 32 times...that's more normal than you might think, Shelly!

    1. Yes. I think you're right. How many times has Sir Wills written Heaven and Hell?

  4. Bless your heart! And, yes, I understand. I get curve balls thrown at me, too.

    Good luck with the book. :)

  5. That is a good line!

    With all that upheaval, it's not surprising that it's been slow going.

    1. A lot has been happening. Just got a call tonight now my grandfather is in the hospital from a fall.

  6. Shelly, you all faced so much adversity last year and you handled it like a pro. I'm very grateful your lump was nothing to be overly concerned with, and my thoughts are with your husband. I know the original chemo took its toll, and he had to be dreading another round. :(

    2014 can go nowhere but up! I'm truly inspired by your determination to stick to your writing goals and dreams. You make me a better a writer just by knowing you.

  7. I imagine rewriting your story helped you hold on and look forward to 2014. I hope it goes better than what you experienced in 2013. Have a happy day.

  8. With all that to contend with it's amazing you got any writing done at all. Good job and I hope everyone stays well.

    1. Me, too. But since I posted this blog, my grandfather has fallen and is hemorraging.

  9. I really hope this is a better year for you.


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