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Thursday, May 21, 2015

An On-Line Novel: The Immoral, Chapter Three

The Morning of the 1st Day of High School

Cassandra turned on her bedside lamp, jumped out of bed before her alarm went off, and stretched her arms above her head. She spent the night watching her digital clock. Sleep evaded her from the excitement and the worry of starting a new school. A Southern Baptist one. She wasn’t sure what to expect since she and Ronald would be the only ones attending from her Lutheran school. They had left behind a group of kids they had known since kindergarten. They were like sisters and brothers.

She went to her closet and pulled out a white blouse, and a red and blue plaid skirt. It was the uniform for her new school. She never had to wear one before. At the Lutheran one, girls could wear pants, skirts, and dresses, but no shorts and no low cut shirts. Her only problem with her new apparel was how it would fit on her chunky body. Some of the neighborhood kids referred to as ‘the fatty’. She liked clothing that hid her pot belly, her large jiggly thighs and bottom. A tent would’ve been perfect to hide her flaws. But today she’d have to smooth out her flabby parts to fit into her new outfit.

Someone gently knocked on her bedroom door and cracked it open. Her dad popped in his dark, silver streaked head. “Just checking to see if you’re up.”

She nodded as she hung the ensemble on the closet door’s knob.

“Excited?” He said before bringing a white mug of steaming liquid to his thin lips.

“Nervous.” She stepped onto a scale next to her closet, and peered over her belly. The meter stopped at a hundred and eighty. Sixty more pounds to go.

“Ronnie will be with you so you’ll be okay.” Her dad’s voice was gentle and reassuring.

Cassandra felt thankful for that. But she worried what the other kids would think of her size. All one-hundred-eighty pounds of it.
Shelly Arkon © 2015
Hope everyone is well!
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  1. I'm curious, Shelly...does doing it this way help you to pace yourself in any way?

  2. Keep it coming. I couldn't do it in spurts. I have to keep writing until my fingers bleed or my wife threatens to divorce or kill me.

  3. It's certainly a different way to bring a story across. I like this installment.

  4. Sad. School is hard enough as it is. Kids are so badly behaved. But I feel sorry for anyone who really stands out through physical appearance or something divisive like religion or ethnicity. That makes it so much harder to get through unscathed.

    1. Me, too. I never like high school because of the bullies.

  5. The struggle. But only because the world is mean to those they see "different". I wish we could get rid of that in our world.

    1. When Yeshua comes back, He'll take care of all the bullies in this world.

  6. I am liking your installments.
    Since I am so late I am working backwards.

    cheers, parsnip


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