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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Conspiracy Theories: Jesus Can't Save You

Strange. I woke-up in a hot and humid cave. A firepit blazed in the middle.  Odd symbols covered the floor around it.

A creepy, half-human-half-snake thing slithered toward me from between two columns from the other side of the pit.

After, I got to my feet, I felt for some kind of opening behind me to escape. But found none.

As the snake creature grew closer, I recognized it's face to be that of Jesus. Upon its head sat a crown of thorns. Blood trickled down its face.

Before I could muster a scream, it was within inches of mine. Reptilian eyes peered at me and it's forked tongue slithered out of its lips.

"God help me!" I finally yelped.

The hybrid-being pressed into me, pushing my back up against the stone wall. "Jesus can't save you!"

My alarm went off. Something nudged me upon waking to Google Jesus, Serpent, and Reptilian.

What I found was a schmorgasboard of information  on the New World Order and conspiracy theorists. So I waded through it.

And I found this guy,Alex Jones.


And this guy, David Icke.


They're both pretty mainstream as far as Independant News is concerned.

Once upon a time, I listened to both.

But Alex Jones rants, yells, and ... well, he's a great shock jock if you ask me. He was big into the Y2K and  believes 9/11 was an inside job. He also says he's a Christian. ***shrugging on that one***

While I don't agree with him on everything, he's a great source of information if you can handle his maniacal rants. I, however, have graduated to his Info-Wars Nightly News, its much more palatable to my ears. It also appears to be pretty legit.

As for David Icke, he makes a lot of sense when it comes to the mind control tactics that our governments use on everyone, everywhere. But then he looses credibility with me when he starts in on everyone in any form of government being a shape-shifting-reptilian, including the Queen of England.

Funny. There are actually conspiracy theories on these two conspiracy theorists. Maybe they've been hired by the powers-that-be to tell us a little truth mixed with some whacked out sensationalism to help ease us into the New World Order. You know, letting us think we did the right thing by resisting either in war or in a peaceful way against the evil shadow governments.

Some people seem to think these mainstream conspiracy theorists are paid to guide and direct us right into the NWO's hands. Could be.

Alex Jones is all about guns and violent resistance. David Icke is all about love and light.

What do you think?

Hope everyone has a great week!

Hugs and chocolate, all!

PS I believe Jesus can save you. All you have to do is confess your sins, repent, and turn completely to him.


  1. I believe too, Shelly...that Jesus can and does save us if we turn to Him.

  2. Was that your dream? It sounds prophetic to me since the antichrist will come to fool people into thinking he's Jesus--and many will believe.

    I don't like "maniacal rants". Rants do nothing positive. I'm on the fence about conspiracy theories (although I live in the midst of masses who believe), but I do know if we are a people who say yes, sir, no, ma'am without question we will end up believing what we shouldn't.

    AWESOME post.


    1. Yes. I dreamed that in 2008. It has stuck with me and has kept me on alert.

  3. I'm not too sure about conspiracy theories, although I sometimes wonder if the media isn't out to get us.

    1. I watch all mainstream media. For a reason. To watch and see how they try to sway us into a certain mindset. They do it well.

  4. I'm definitely not one for maniacal rants!

    1. Alex Jones can rant for a good 3 hours. His Nightly News show is handled by other reporters and is more conducive to covering a lot of different issues.

  5. Queen Elizabeth is a reptile? Good to know.

  6. I think they are both wrong. That dream, according to Dr. Luther's writing, would have been induced by Satan to weaken your faith. Since I have never experienced a dream like that I can not offer any interpretation. If I were in that position, I would probably have picked the Bible first before reading anything else.

    1. Back then, I can't say I was at that point in my life. But that dream had me eventually pick up the Bible.

  7. I enjoy an amusing conspiracy theory, but don't listen to shock jocks. They exhaust me.

    1. I agree. But when I started out I listened to it all. But now I curtail it. However, I believe some of their theories are onto something.

  8. I tend not to listen to divisive talk shows - I get too mad!


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