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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Conspiracy Theories: Is It Me? Or What?

A lot has happened this past week. And some time tonight the full moon will turn blood red. It will be hanging over Jerusalem. It's the 4th one. The 1st one appeared last year on the Jewish Passover.

This morning the media claimed that it was a sign of the end of the world. People said that when Y2K was upon us. However, I never believed that. Or felt it coming.  And I also remember a song that played a lot while all the hype with Y2K was happening. R.E.M.'s, It's the End of the World as We Know It.

It wasn't until the following year that 'the end of the world as we knew it' happened. 9/11 and it was the beginning of me taking notice of America's laws changing drastically. Bush must've slipped his magic pen to Obama because things have really changed since his first inauguration.

Anyway. Moving on...

I don't know what you all have seen this past week, but I know what I saw and HEARD. It gave me chills while I watched.

In 5 minutes

Caught a glimpse

The Eye of Horus

A white throne

A man in a snow-colored robe

People singing




A man

I wonder when Yeshua comes if people will give Him the same welcome? He is the true Prince of Peace. He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. He's the only one who was born without sin. The living Torah.  No one can or ever will take His place.

My dreams have been telling me we are in for a rude awakening. Pretty words and empty promises have been spoken this week. They will be the demise of us all. I hope and pray you know Him.

Not to mention, R.E.M's, It's the End of the World As We Know It, has been playing in my head...ALOT!

So is it me? Or what?

Hugs and chocolate!


  1. You just never know what will happen.
    We must all just do our best !
    Woofs to your Gud Dugs.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hugs and chocolate! Hope your healing over your puppy.

  2. We won't know the time until it happens.

    1. No. We don't. But God did tell us in His word what the signs would be of His coming. Its getting ripe here on planet earth.

  3. Scripture says we will not know the exact time, so we need to be sure we believe in God and His Son for redemption. We can't figure out God or his ways, so we just need to be ready.

    I hadn't even thought about people worshipping a man in a white robe. Since I'm not Catholic, the pope means nothing to me other than he's a man who seems to love people.

    1. True. But he told us what to expect when the time neared of His coming.

  4. I am not a Catholic either, but the present Pope impressed me. I don't think he is worshipped as such but loved for being such a gentle man.

    1. Something inside me says to be wary. Humans are fallible. We all are, no matter how much good we may do in the eyes of each other.

  5. They may not think they are worshiping, but it certainly looks that way. It has been the end times since Christ's resurrection. We don't know when and never will until it happens.

    1. True, Mari. But signs are becoming more apparent.

    2. True, Mari. But signs are becoming more apparent.

  6. I've believed for a while now that we're in the End Times.

    Shelly, have you ever read the Left Behind books?

  7. I know nothing of R.E.M. but I know I have felt an extra strong call to pray to God for mercy lately.

    It's not just you, Shelly.

    I am a Catholic. If the snow colored robe guy is Pope Francis, then my worst fears about Francis have come to be.

    1. Yes. It is. He dances around crucial topics. He more like a politician. And people drool over him.

  8. Oh my. The world is getting weirder.
    But as a Catholic, I can say that we don't worship the Pope. We only honor him and give him the welcome a leader that he is deserves.

    We only worship God and we are thankful that he brought us a guide and messenger in Pope Francis. A great leader to emulate. But not someone to worship. Only God deserves that.

    Have a great weekend. :)


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