The shoes didn't fit. It was an omen.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weird Dream Update: Floods, Market Crash, Hillary Clinton, Tommy Wu, and SNL

For as long as I can remember, I've always had vivid dreams. Some are just strange while others have foretold events to come in puzzles. If God spoke to Joseph in dreams, then He can talk to anyone else in theirs. Right?

Last year, I dreamt someone took me into a dark room. They made me sit and watch a doplar radar. From the midpoint of the
US to the Eastcoast was colored in red with swirls of blue and white.

This 2015-2016 has been visited by floods, tornadoes, and strange snow patterns. The colors represented flooding rains, storms, hail, tornadoes, and blizzard type snow. I had posted it on my Facebook page, but have since deleted my account.

I've had other foretelling dreams but that's not the purpose of this post.

Onward then...

April 21, 2016, I had another detailed dream.

The market crashed over a holiday weekend. Panic washed over me as people rioted and looted stores around my house.

Nausea ripped through me, I bowed over a near-by toilet, and wretched.

A woman cackled beside me. I glanced up. Hillary Clinton.

Her sneer, demonic. "Pull up your bootstraps. It is what it is."

Then it began to rain, buckets and buckets. Peoples' umbrellas were floating down the street. I opened mine, but the wind wrecked havoc on it. Mine crumpled, then wilted onto the flooded pavement.

Out of nowhere, a blonde, flapper chick hollered, "You need to get ready, Tommy Wu is coming!" By the sound of her voice, he must've been important. "You need to fix your hair, he wants to take your picture."

Never heard of him in real life.

Anyway, I ended up in a crowded church. People had lost their homes along with me. We had nowhere else to go. After, I woke up, I Googled Tommy Wu.

He is a real photographer for and freelances from LA, California. He does a lot of work for the LGBT community.

I also found an interesting video from S-N-L. Tommy Wu in Living Color. It's a parody on Tommy Vu, a real estate kingpen.

After watching this, it spoke volumes. In a comical and in a not-so-nice-way, it showed what America's biggest problem is and has always been.

Ever have a foretelling dream? Believe God uses dreams to warn people of things to come? Where do you think America is headed?

Hugs and chocolate, all!

PS Keep God close. We need Him more than ever.


  1. Whoa. Hillary Clinton. We're talking nightmare.

    I don't think I've ever had foretelling dream. I believe our dreams have meaning. The trouble is how to figure out what that meaning is...

  2. I definitely believe God speaks to us through dreams...and in other ways as well. Sometimes things will present themselves to us to make us think.

    Have you ever seen the TV series The Messengers? It's about a group of ordinary people chosen to be the Angels of the Apocalypse. Their mission is to locate the Four Horsemen before all of the seals of the judgments are broken. The first one they find is War--as it turns out, she's an ambitious senator, blonde, full of herself....

    Sound like anybody we know?

  3. Hillary. Never heard of The Messenges. But then, I don't watch much TV.

  4. I don't remember dreams, but I don't think we should put any meaning to them.

  5. I have dreams too but they are always about things that have happened to me.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hopefully, it's not something bad. That would be like Groundhog Day...the a reoccurring dream.

  6. I've always had foretelling dreams. Some are warnings, others are just events. One was so down to the detail it was amazing. In my dream, my old car was suddenly kaput. Then, I found myself riding with Dennis where he took me to a car dealer and bought me a new truck. It came to pass the very next day! My car had a big puddle under it, and my husband had to drive me to work in our truck. After picking me up, he swung into a car dealership, he was telling me about this nice little Ford Ranger, and I saw that it had a SOLD sign on it. I said, "Oh, someone bought it."
    He said. "I did. I bought it for you!"

    1. I have no doubt. I believe the same. I have a journal where I've documented silly dreams and dreams that came to pass. I believe God warns us or sometimes use them to encourage us.

  7. Wow, on the dreams! I am fascinated by them-but have not had a foretelling one~

  8. I dream vivid dreams. They rarely mean anything to me, but I do have visions sometimes. They often pan out. God is so great no matter how he words through us.

  9. I also have vivid dreams when I'm not on my migraine treatment. It's a cyclical treatment, so the crazy dreams come back as it depletes. I kind of miss them when they're gone.

    1. Sometimes dreams are way better than television shows.

  10. My dreams are usually simple reflections of my fears and stresses - the worse they are, the worse my dreams are. Occasionally, if my life is in a good state I dream I can fly (which hasn't happened in years). I think we all need less stress in our lives.


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