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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Don the Happy Homeless Man

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity  to meet an inspiring homeless man. It was Simple Saturday where I attend weekend services. It's where we go out into the streets, hand peeps cold bottles of water, hand out Bibles, and pray.

We happened upon a man named Don. He's 60 and has been without a roof over his head for 20 years.  He didn't even look as if he'd been weathered beaten. His skin was smooth and his face beamed. We asked him if he needed anything.

He said, "I don't need money to live. I have everything I need. God takes care of me. Everything I have I bought myself." He nodded at his shiny bike and then lifted his feet to show us his shoes. "I'm a carpenter." He does odd jobs here and there to buy what he needs when he needs something.

We were amazed. He wasn't bitter or down and out over losing everything. He went on to say, "I used to be a drug addict. But one day I got up and was sick and tired of getting sick everday. I made a decision to stop and did."

He never went through rehab. While he got his life back, he lost everything he owned because of it.

Don further shared, "Everything looks so different when you don't use. I can see everything clearly. The trees. The sky. The water. People. It all looks different when you're on dope. Now it's all beautiful."

One of the ladies pushed services on him. He said, "Offer them to someone who really needs them."

"How about a tent? We can get you a really nice tent."

"No thank you. Law enforcement  will just come and tear it down."

The lady said, "What about Salvation Army?"

"Nope been there. Done that."

"Can we pray for you?"  another lady asked.

"No. I'm good. Really."

"Do you know Jesus?" another asked.

His face got even brighter. "Yep. He was a carpenter like me and had no pillow, you know. I'm the same. I have what I need." He even told us his father was a carpenter as well and that his dad's initials were JC.

It was awesome to see someone who what most Americans consider a loser, a real winner at heart. He was content where he was in life, with the clothes and shoes on his back and feet, and the bike he piloted daily.

Let your conversation be without covetousness, and be content with such things as ye have, for he saith, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrew 13:5 (KJV)

It's cool that someone we would think would be troubled without daily necessities is so happy and content.

Ever come across someone like this?

Hugs and chocolate,


  1. Truly humble. We could all benefit from his attitude.

  2. No not really. He sounds an incredible man.

  3. Sometimes one has to lose everything to find themselves.

  4. Hi Shelly,

    Having worked with the homeless, the rough sleepers, I totally relate to your post. I had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing, resilient people who were not bitter.

    Anyone of us can find ourselves in such situations. It's all to convenient to stereotype such noble people.

    Don is an example to learn from. Thank you for your thoughtful article, Shelly.


  5. Replies
    1. Yes. When the system in America finally falls apart, we're going to need to know a few things on survival.

  6. Money isn't everything. But look at this this way, he has no bills, and I'm sure he doesn't have to pay taxes. If he's found a way to be happy, why not?

  7. Inspiring. A lot of people have excess yet they feel miserable.

    1. Having to work to keep up with Jones is slavery.

  8. I love it. If only we could all be so content with our lives, eh? There's this constant need to get more, to have more, to be more, and in reality, we so often drown out the peace that comes from appreciating where we're at and what we have.

    1. There is no peace in havING debt and a ton of things.

  9. What a nice, uplifting post! I'm very glad your church group helps the homeless. Inspirational!

    1. Me, too. We help with all kinds of things.

    2. Me, too. We help with all kinds of things.


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