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Sunday, June 5, 2016

ISWG: Discouraged

Yes. I know. I'm double late for posting this.  This past week has been real special. And that can mean anything you want.

On ward...

Sunday: After work, I drove to South Florida. Had a nice dinner with my brother and sister. Then, headed to Tinkebell ' place to stay the night.

When I got there, her and the boyfriend were fighting. He had splashed an entire can of Pepsi onto her kitchen floor.

The Glowstick took me into his bedroom to tell me that Jerk made his mommy sad.

Monday: Tinkerbell gets up and goes to the methodone clinic before we can do anything. While she's there, I make breakfast for Glowstick and I. We watch a movie. We do some exercises. We wait patiently for her return.

A lot of time goes by before she comes back.

When she arrives, she has two bottles of pills in a pharmaceutical bag. Tells me she has anxiety and that her doctor prescribed them for her. CELEXA.

The rest of the day was spent watching her nod in and out and drooling.

So here I go again.

That night I could barely sleep. I'm so distraught for my grandson. What if she's on this crap while he and she are in the car? What if she doesn't wake up one morning? What if we all lose the Glowstick because she's popping pills again?

At lunch my dad was like, "I've got anxiety, too. But I talk myself through it." He was more than embarrassed to see his granddaughter practically fall out of her chair while people around us sneered and gossiped.

Tuesday: I prepared an article for Freedom Nation News. It's ready to go. But my videos aren't saving. They disappear as soon as I log out.

Worked with a YouTube who teaches Wordpress. She came to the conclusion that my problem isn't me but my computer.

It will be gone all week. It needs surgery...AGAIN!

Wednesday: Totally forgot about ISWG.

Thursday: I get up and figure I could get a bunch of handwriting done on my series. NOT!  At about 9:30 AM, I get a call from the SALON. One of the co-workers fell backwards on the pavement and is being raced by ambulatory to the ER. Would I meet them there?

Of course I did. The woman is 77 and has no family here.

Friday: I spent time with my injured co-worker.

Saturday: I was off thinking I'd get some writing in. NOT! The electric went out for one. So I headed to the grocery store. Got back and began cooking for the week. By the time I finished, I just couldn't go anymore. My energy flew the coup.

So I got a little depressed. Asked myself why I even bother to write. Why I blog? Why I do anything I do?

And then I remind myself, it was just a crap week. At least, I didn't lose my family, job, and health in one day like Job.

This post was to you on behalf of Alex J. Cavanaugh ' s Insecure Writer's Group.

Hugs and chocolate, all!


  1. Shelly, I'm sorry! Praying for your daughter and grandson.

    1. Thanks, Alex. Prayer is the thing to do.

  2. All of this is too much for one person to handle. God will be the one to pull your daughter through. I will pray too. To answer your question. The reason you write and blog is because we care and want to read what you write. BTW, I just posted my ISWG today. So you're not the latest!!!


    1. Thank you, Teresa. When things don't go right, I start douting myself.

  3. Shelly, you're in my prayers. I think only by the grace of God are you able to keep going under so much pressure.

    1. Thank you, Norma. It has to be God's grace because it certainly has nothing to do with me. If so, i'd be in a padded room by now sucking my thumb.

  4. What a nightmare week. Shelly, I'm so sorry that all this is going on! Hang in there. You remain in my prayers.

  5. Oh Shelly...I'm so sorry.
    Just keep praying.
    God knows who, what, where, when, why. He has all the answers. And things never happen in our time, only in His time.
    God bless you and your family.

  6. I know it doesn't make it any better, but I am there with you girl. I know the Insanity of loving an addict and live that circus everyday too. :( You can't live one day at a time in dealing with this, only just for now. Keeping you and your family in my prayers

  7. I'm glad Glowstick has you looking out for him. So sorry you had such a crappy week. Praying for your daughter and your co-worker, and you!


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