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Friday, September 12, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Ego

I know I've posted at least once or even twice why I really write. And lately, I've been doing a lot of self-reflection and talking to God. And the word 'ego' keeps flashing at me big time. 

In the Oxford Dictionary ego means the following: A person's self-esteem or self importance, self-worth, self-respect, self-image, and self-confidence.

If I really peel back my personal layers, I find a certain amount of ego being one of  many reasons why I write. It's nice to be noticed. It's nice to read rave reviews about my talent. It's nice to be respected by those who have never attempted to do what I do. 

So yes, ego has something to do with why I write. But can this ego-thing be a destructive tool as writers? Definitely!

I see it everywhere. The EGO.  All of social media is filled with Buy My BOOk, READ MY WONDERFUL BOOK, LOVE MY WONDERFUL BOOK!

And I've also seen the peeps who begin writing their passion and then all of a sudden they turn a corner. They write something out of their moral character to gain the attention, sales, and the EGO strokes.

Killer Stilettos, which is the next book in Lila's Journey series, is sitting on my hard drive. It's somewhat of a mess. Chapter one needs to be rewritten. There are still several chapter thirty-fives without its ending sprinkled through the last part the book. These issues made me think maybe God is trying to tell me something.

So I'm working on two other ideas that have a strong moral message and might not be my best sellers. But really folks life isn't about the Almighty-Me. It's about the lives we touch with what we say, do, and write.

If there is one thing I don't ever wish to do is to sell my soul to the devil like a lot of celebraties have done for fame and fortune. And is certainly wouldn't want to lead anyone onto the path of hell.

Hope I wasn't too long winded and that I made sense. Now into my celebrations. Celebrate the Small Things is brought to you by VikLit, at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author.


* feeling much better today.

* going to a nice Jewish wedding tomorrow.

* off today and tomorrow.

* Sir Poops is still here!

* going to see the grandbabies on Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a chocolate-filled weekend! Happy Shabbat!

Hugs and chocolate!


  1. Glad Sir Poops is still with us.
    I could write really gritty, immoral science fiction, but it wouldn't be me. Mild space opera isn't the biggest seller, but I'm going to stick with it.

    1. And God will bless you for it. By the way, I've got your books on my Kindle waiting to be read. Hugs and chocolate to you.

    2. Glad things are good for you, Shelly. Ohhh, a very good post today, good thoughts on why we write. I know that ego has something to do with it for pretty much all of us. But when I write, I'm so into my characters, I'm not thinking too much about anything else. I've seen a lot of this type of "selling". But I think it's become TOO easy to become published any more. When I began, it wasn't so easy. I really thought I would never see the day, and had to self-publish before I died. So, now, everyone's doing this writing thing and I sometimes have to chuckle about how they suddenly have an ebook out and I've been doing this for so long... I'm being long winded here, but you know what I mean.
      Chocolate hugs! Have a good weekend!

    3. Thank you, Lorelei. I know you know. It's one of the many reasons why no one sees me too much anymore. I figure If I write a bunch for a while then I'll publish a bunch. And then retreat to my writing cave again. I really don't like tooting my horn much and don't enjoy when others do it.

  2. Glad about Sir Poops.
    I'm going to a bat mitzvah tomorrow. That's a first for me.

  3. You make a lot of sense, Shelly. Enjoy the wedding tomorrow.

  4. We all have ego it is how you use it or was raised so it is a force for good and not overbearing stupidity, Insert my x here as a perfect example !
    I love your celebrations.
    I am so happy Sir Poops is still here.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. You are right about that. And Sir Poops is spending his days napping a lot.

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  6. Shelly, you are in touch with the good part of ego- what defines you guides you. Sounds to me like you will not let yourself fall prey to the side of ego that isn't in keeping with your core beliefs. Write on, sister.

  7. Phyllis Whitney wrote that the people who are successful in publishing and selling their writing are those who keep working and submitting what they write. Now-a-days anyone write. Being a writer is something completely different.

    I'm glad you are feeling well again.

  8. You are a great person and a very good writer so you should be able to take some pride in that! :) Did I mention that I am a fan of your book? :) Can't wait for more and especially hearing more about your other writing ideas! I just ate a piece of chocolate turtle cheesecake. I'll share the calories with ya! :) Happy Tuesday!

  9. Ahhh Ego . . . it can destroy, but being aware of just the possibility of us letting it get to our heads is a good sign that it wont own us. Great post! :D

    S.K. Anthony


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