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Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrate the Small the Things

"The Bible is a book of hypocracy."

"Well, the Bible was written by bigots."

"I hate it when people say 'praise the Lord' and 'thank you, Jesus'.

"I'd prefer if you wouldn't tell me 'God bless you'.

Today I celebrate the fact that we all can have an opinion ... even about the Bible and God. And we should all be thankful that God has mercy and hasn't struck anyone with lightning for saying such things. And I'm also thankful that I'm not God, I'm not so sure I would handle these comments so lightly.

Anyway, since I'm not God, and I sometimes take things a little personal, the following is what I have to say:

1. You should celebrate that the Judeo/Christian God doesn't allow His believers to have something called Shari-a-Law. I think those statements might find a lot of people dead EVERYDAY!

2. We should celebrate someone giving us God's blessing. It's way better than being told f$&@ you!  Or getting the finger.

3. We should also celebrate that the Torah or the Bible was inspired by God, and not man (we'd be in BIG trouble if man did write it). It was God who gave the commandment to 'Love thy neighbor, as thyself.'  That explains why people aren't being struck right or left by lightning. God is very forgiving.

In order to be loving, one must be just that ... FORGIVING!

4. With regard to these opening remarks, everyone should be thankful that Jews and Christians haven't gone postal on society. 

5. To be honest with you, I used to think the same thing. But one day I picked up the Torah and began reading it in its entirety. Word for Word. Page by Page. Chapter by Chapter. And WOW!

I'm thankful that we STILL have the freedom to do this.

Yeah. I used the word STILL. America is shifting and not for the better.

The last several weeks, I've been studying the dickens out of the books of I and II Kings. And I can sum it up as this: A lot of kings didn't follow what God commanded, leading the people of Israel astray. They abandoned God, and in the last chapter of II Kings, God removed His presence from them. He abandoned them and they went into exile. Need I say more. Other than, God always heard their cries and would come back and rescue them. He did this over and over and over.

 So be thankful and prayerful that we STILL have time to change our hearts and hopefully the direction America is going in. Now that's something to celebrate along with my feta stuffed zucchini and squash...

and my cream cheese stuffed jalapeƱos wrapped in grass fed bacon. Compliments of my container garden.

And that I get to post stuff like this and that you have the freedom to either agree or disagree with me.

And also that we can write whatever we want and make up stories ... all kinds of stories.

This was brought to you by VikLit's, Celebrate the Small Things.

Have a happy restful weekend. Happy Shabbats, if you practice!

Unfortunately, I'll be working and will do my best to read as many blogs as possible. I so enjoy reading a lot of your blogs.

Hugs and chocolate!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sir Wills. I hope I wasn't too abrasive.

  2. Well said! Have a great weekend!

  3. Good Post, Shelly. And I'd like to shout out, I'm faithfully devoted to God!

  4. I'm celebrating living a country where, overall, religion isn't the be all and end all. You can follow whatever faith you like - or not.

  5. Yes, very grateful for free speech. And feta stuffed zucchini sounds just delicious!!

  6. That food looks great! Load up my plate! Before I eat, and without apology or explanation, I will say grace.

  7. I never blame the rotten stuff on anyone's god. I blame it on the people who think they know what is good for everyone and set up rules that have not one bit of inclusiveness in them.

    Now for the really important part. . .that zucchini looks delicious.

  8. The zucchini and squash were mighty tasty.

  9. Good words, which some other people should think for themselves rather than just following blindly and hawking the same company line.

  10. I'm a Christian and proud of it! Thank you, Shelly!

  11. I celebrate every day that I live in a place where religion is a choice, and I have the choice to not believe in any of it.

  12. Someone once told me that tolerance for other people's opinions/beliefs is one of the hardest traits for a person to have. I think that's so true! We can only control what we believe and think, in the end.

  13. i agree with you 100%. Life is just so much better when one can think of something nice to say.

    I like 1 and 2 kings. I especially like the story of David.


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