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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bullies and Bad Bosses

Today, is Thank Your Wonderful Boss Day-something like that. Its been all over the news this morning, and so has the girl who committed suicide because of two completely insensitive girls-bullies who have taken that word to a whole new level. Two unremorseful souls. This reminds me that its Something-Something-National-About-Bullies-Month.

In my opinion,we should have a public hanging for bullies for a month and call it, It Sucks to be a Bully this Month. As for  Thank Your Wonderful Boss Day, there are more terrible ones than good. At least that’s my experience. I can personally count on one hand how many fantabulous bosses I’ve had and it doesn’t even reach a total five.

Anyway, my really big bully issues began in high school. Honestly, I have no clue why the mean-herd-mentality hit the group of boys and girls I had to share classrooms, hallways, and a cafeteria with for nine months out of the year for four long horrid years.

What was their purpose to stand in parallel rows in the school hallway like someone was going to pop some rad Soul Train move toward the next class? Well … actually … they were waiting for me. I was the star of those moves. All I wanted to do was get to the next period.

Each kid would push up their nose and snort as I walked down their Aisle of Torment, amongst other things their sick adolescent  minds could think of -which brings me to the day of gym class. While in the shower, the girls- not all, only the bullies- decided to take my school uniform and shoes. They put them in the toilet and took turns urinating and defecating on them. Talk about humiliation. Wrapped in a towel, I sat for four hours in the girl’s locker room waiting for my mom to come with another outfit and shoes.

So when I hear someone killed themselves over a group of insensitive morons. It leaves me wishing for a It Sucks to Be a Bully Month. Since a public hanging is probably out of the question, why not post their faces and the cruel things they’ve done to another human being for the entire world to see like they do sex offenders and pedophiles? Maybe they would think twice about what they post on social networks about someone else. PLEASE NOTE: I remember yours faces and names. I’ve never forgotten and probably never will. Wonder if you people are in positions to bully others in the work place. It wouldn’t surprise me.

This brings me to my next topic: Bad Bosses. They were probably your high school bullies. I say this because they have no problem being insensitive to others. PLEASE NOTE: I know this last statement isn’t true of  ALL bosses. So I don’t mean all. But to be honest, I’ve had more bad ones than good.

Over the years, I’ve been threatened, insulted, and lied about while the owners of these certain establishments turned their heads. All aspects of bullying really needs to stop. We’re all here to go through a journey. Life is tough enough without a bunch of monstrous people bashing others. It’s wrong even if their in a superior position.

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And before I go, I wanted give a shout out to PK Hero. Hay! Ho! She’s a got a cover for her up and coming book.

Butterman600x900 cover

It’s lovely. Don’t you think? Anyway, her cover is everywhere today.

Ever been bullied?

Hugs and chocolate,



  1. Wow. It sounds like you have a good story.

    I wish bullying would stop. It makes life so hard.

    I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Bullying hasn't gotten uglier with the New Age of Social Media. I never thought about suicide but I did think about quitting high school altogether. Glad I didn't.

      And I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.

  2. I'm so sorry to read about your experiences at the hands of mindless morons. One thing I would say though is that if their faces and names were made public then they would surely gain extra kudos from this. I don't know what the answer is. I remember when I was a teacher the staff all tried to think of a solution but if we highlighted the issue it got worse and if we didn't highlight it... well it still got worse. Why can't we all be kind to each other?

    1. The one positive about being bullied helped me be a strong person, actually. Most things do just roll off my shoulders. Most things.

      I don't know what the real answer is either. Maybe if they suffered some kind of public humiliation they would stop. The bullying of today is a lot more terrible. No one seems to have any kind of filter on their words or actions.

  3. I wasn't bullied in school. In fact I was rater popular but didn't know it. Sounds strange but between schools clubs and working I just zoomed from one thing to another.
    My two sons where teased (?) at school but had a few friends and they stuck together.
    I don't understand any of this. What the hell are their parents doing. Probably bulling others no doubt.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I don't even think their parents knew what horrid things their kids did to others.

  4. I was bullied, almost, to death at school. After I joined the Marines and learned martial arts it all stopped. Pity I couldn't have done both those things at about five yers old. Although I'll bet the head teacher wouldn't have been impressed with me carrying a sub machine gun to school.

    1. No. A sub machine gun would've gotten you the paddle for sure.

  5. I have, but not much. I was one of the taller kids growing up, so it wasn't an issue that much. On the occasions when it became an issue, it stopped when I hit back. Once it was knocking out a guy who'd been tormenting me all year- witnessed by the principal, who to his credit never called me out on it. The second time was an oaf who used weapons- whatever gym equipment he could find- against me. That ended after he hit me in the knee with a baseball, and I trashed him in the locker room in front of witnesses.

    In my experience, the only way to deal with a bully is retaliation, swift and bloody.

  6. Then, public hangings may be the Answer.

  7. There's nothing sadder than these kids who are committing suicide over being bullied. I was teased and made fun of because I wasn't good in sports - something that was considered paramount at the school I attended. The cruelty had a profound effect on me. I've since had younger family members bullied at school and seeing what they went through tore my heart out. I could definitely get on board with your idea, Shelly.

  8. I was bullied in school. I think it actually did me a lot of good, oddly enough. I created a world in which they didn't exist--in my imagination. In a big way, they made me a novelist.

    I couldn't wait for my high school reunion. I'd just sold my first three novels, and I knew none of the high school bullies had accomplished anything remotely close to that. The look on their faces, well...success really is the best revenge!

  9. That cover is amazing!! I dealt with bullying off and on, and now that my children have to go through it at school, it's so heartbreaking. And lol, Norma, that sure does sound like the best revenge!

  10. That's horrible! So sorry you had to go through that in school. I'm always amazed at the evil that can come out of kids. Glad you came out of it okay, though. And look at how strong you are now!

  11. Congrats to PK on her gorgeous cover! I'm glad to see The Partners' Progeny out and hope it does well. I'm so sorry about your bullying experience. I've never been bullied outside of marriage. Kids don't scare me, I can quit a job, but it's harder to quit a marriage...

    1. Yes. It is hard to quit a marriage. My prayers are with you. Thank goodness you've got a creative outlet.


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