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Friday, October 25, 2013

The House on Mendocino Street-7

Hello again, everyone! Five more days until Halloween. I’m on scene seven. I’m doing my best to keep it at or under 300 words. I know everyone has other blogs to visit and writing of their own to do.

PLEASE NOTE: This has not been edited.

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Six weeks had passed. The closing on the house finalized. One more thing had been crossed of Maddie’s ‘to-do list’, leaving her with two major tasks: find a job closer to home and finish planning her wedding. Thoughts of such filled her her head daily, while making her two hour commute to and from work. But the later didn’t set right with her. Something was wrong. She stared at the red traffic light ahead.

Last night Bob bugged her again over the current sleeping arrangements. “Why can’t you sleep with me?” he asked, pressing himself into her. “Why do have to sleep in the room with her?”

Maddie moved his hands. They had moved in an off limits territory.“For one, we’re not married. And I need to set an example of how I would want my daughter to behave later on in life.” Maddie had a religious upbringing. Her parents frowned on her decision to move in with the guy before the wedding. But Bob insisted and the place belonged to her, too. She was the one who came to the table with down payment anyway.

“Look,” Bob’s voice switched to sounding irritated. “I’ve waited a whole year to make love to you.”


The television set in the Florida room flashed on, and the sound blared through the house. Within seconds, the stereo system came on with an ear piercing screech.

Bob let go of Maddie. “What is your daughter up to now?” He rubbed his face in a fast circular motion. A habit that irritated her along with his always blaming Niki for all the wonky things that happened in the house.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Niki yelled down the hallway. Her small silhouette stood at the mouth of it.

“Niki!” Maddie shouted back. The noise through the house was deafening.

Bob started toward her daughter. :You need to be taught a few things.” His hands moved around his belt.

Maddie rushed past him toward her daughter, and scooped up her small child. In her mind, no man would ever hurt daughter in any way, not even in discipline.

“Ed doesn’t like Mr. Bob,” Niki whispered to her mom.

The television and the stereo snapped off, leaving the house in a sudden, still silence.

© Shelly Arkon 2013


  1. Another good one, Shelly!

    I'm disliking Bob more by the passage...

  2. I agree with William. Bob is definitely a nasty guy. Very well written Shelly!



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