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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The House On Mendocino Street

Today, I’ll share a pic of the house I based the story on. A couple of years ago, I accidently had Amazon deliver my Kindle to the address. At the time it was boarded up and the yard was a horrible mess like the day I had my initial walk through. It looked haunted.

Last week, I drove by and snapped the pic below.


An investor must have bought it. At the time of my purchase, it was in foreclosure. The young couple I sold it to ended up going bankrupt and put the house in foreclosure not long after.

Was grandpa-ghost not happy with these two? ***shrugs*** Could be. From what a psychic told me, he loved being around me and my children. So its possible he didn’t care for the young couple like he didn’t care for the Bob character in my life at that time.

Anyway, creepy Bob will get his just deserts. I , as the writer will see to it … along with Ed.

If you wish to read the story, The House on Mendocino Street, go to the right of your computer screen and click on the icons, starting with, Writing Off the Cuff.

Before I go, I want to share one of my all time favorite creeps.

Don’t you just love Jack Nicholson?

Happy Halloween, all!

Hugs and chocolate,



  1. Glad someone cleaned it up a bit. It looks nice now or less haunted anyway.

  2. It doesn't look overly inviting, that's for sure...

    1. It looked horribly uninviting before this fix up. In fact, it was quite scary the day I went to the house to retrieve my Kindle.

  3. Good old Jack.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the story, Shelly!
    Chocolate hugs!


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