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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Make a Basic Ebook Cover with Power Point 2010

Being an Indie author means a lot of money comes out of our pockets. We're responsible for whatever the cost may be to make our books. And well ... it ain't cheap.

So I thought I'd do my best to show everyone how to make a very basic ebookcover. 

Here goes:

First, you must open your Power Point program.

Second, go to home.

Third, go to New Slide.

Fourth, pick which look you want. I usually pick Blank. 

Fifth, go to Design. Choose Page Setup.
Make your width at 6 and your height at 8. Click Okay.

Sixth, go to Insert.

Seventh, click on Picture. I chose one of my dogs, Sir Poops. You can also save a pic from the web.

A box will pop up like this:

Now you're ready to add your name and title. Go to Insert.

Then go to Text Box. Click on it. After, an arrow will appear. Move it to wear you want your name and title.

You can play with the text size, color, and font shape from the Home bar.

Now it's time to save my cover. Go to File.

Click on it. Then click on Save & Send.

After, click on Change File Type.

Then click on JPEG File Interchange Format.

Click Save when another box pops up.

Another box will pop up. Choose Current Slide Only.

Then, go to where ever you saved the file and open with Paint.

After, click on Resize.

Click on Pixels. Then, make your Horizontal at 600 and your Vertical at 800.

After, make sure you Save it. 

I hope this helped even though its a no frills kind of cover. It takes me a while to get comfortable with strange and unknown territory. 

Also, if you want to play around with your font, Lorelei Bell had a fabulous post on it. GO HERE TO READ

I hope everyone has a lovely Monday and week. I'll be at The Salon for the biggest part. Florida season is in full swing with snow birds and people wanting to look their best. They kind of slack about their appearance in the summer months though. It might have to do with sweat ... like a lot of it.

So I'll be around via the iPhone which by the way is a great topic for a blog all by itself ... that and Feedly.

Bye for now!

Hugs and chocolate,


  1. I've never used PowerPoint or even thought of it. Great idea! Thanks for the tips.

    1. I've also got Photo-Shop and will learn that one as well. See if one is easier than the other.

  2. I've never used PowerPoint either. I have played around with a program called GIMP that seems to be kind of similar to the screen shots you posted here.

    I love the reminder to save your work. I always seem to need that one.

    1. You're not the only one who needs a reminder.

  3. Interesting stuff. I'll second M.J. I use GIMP and just love it! (What have I used it for? My book cover biz that I've yet to launch. LOL I have approximately 15 pre-made covers ready for purchase and offer customization for those as well as from-scratch covers. But I've been so busy finishing revisions on my MG that I've been nervous to launch. #scratcheshead)

  4. My dad uses GIMP. He designs T-shirts. I may experiment with it or Photo-shop.. Just to see which may be easier.

  5. I've used PowerPoint to make jpgs for a long time but I've always used Screen Capture to do it. This is better. Thanks!

    1. Hope I made it easy to understand. I read too many wordy tutorials on it. I like it simple.

  6. Replies
    1. That was my plan. There are plenty of tutorials out there that don't make any sense.

  7. Very good tips!

    I've used PowerPoint for the odd thing in the past, but not often.

    1. Thank you, Sir Wills. I'm going to try Photo-shop, too.

  8. I've never used power point, but your tutorial makes it look very easy to use if I should choose to in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Collin's never used Power Point, either.

    You're doing great, Shelly!

    1. Thank you, Norma. Have to relearn how to make Clip Art all over again. Once I do, I'll do a how to on that.

  10. This is very detailed. I had no idea we could use PowerPoint for book covers!

    1. It was my intention to make it as detailed as possible. I'm someone who can't stand wordy 'how to' posts. I like getting to the point.

  11. Every step clearly pictured. Excellent tutorial. Thanks Shelly.

  12. I have never used Power Point. However, I'm going to ask Penny to bookmark this posting for future reference. She's much better with a computer than me.

    Penny's alleged human,


  13. I used to use Powerpoint all the time. It's such an easy program to work with.

  14. I've not used PowerPoint in years! I wasn't very good at it either, as I recall...

  15. Cool!! I hadn't thought of using Powerpoint but that could work well!

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, with Joy)


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