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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nothing Can Break a 62 Year Romance

"Well doll, gotta get going," my papa said , gathering up his bladder tube and bag. "I need to make it back to the house before Kathy gets there."

"Already?" Tears filled my GaGa's eyes, and she looks at the clock on the wall in front of her bed. It's one minute past five in the evening. Once again, loneliness would accompany her throughout the evening. A nursing aide would be in to give her dinner, her meds, and eventually help her to bed. She dreaded every waking minute without him. Her and my grandfather have been together for sixty-two years.

"Oh doll. Don't cry. I love you forever." He hobbles over to her and grabs her hands. There, he helps pull her to her feet. "You know you're my girl." Leaving her in the nursing home was the worst thing he ever had to do. He could barely eat and sleep without her.  An aching fear of losing her forever haunted him. What if I come back tomorrow and she's gone? The thought ate at him.

"Yes," she said, leaning forward to kiss his cheek. "Put you coat on it's cold outside. And don't forget your hat."

"I won't." Papa hung onto her while he reached for his jacket on a near-by hook. After, he shrugged his right shoulder into while still holding onto her hand. If he could, he'd never let her go. She was his one and only forever. Time and sickness would never keep their hearts apart.

"I wish I could go home with you," she said, now clinging onto his arm. A fall, a bleeding ulcer, MERSA, and two hear attacks brought her to the nursing home a month ago. And the patient advocate and the powers that be didn't find it in her best interest to return home. Sadly, my grandfather hasn't been one to call 911. In his mind, he's the only one who can give her the best care. He has always taken care of her.

"Two more days, doll. And we'll be together." PaPa finally agreed to assisted living. "God bless you, doll. You're the love of my life." They met at twenty-one after GaGa locked herself out of her apartment one day. It was his chance to meet the red hair beauty who lived below him. And it was love at first sight.

"I know, love." She blinks away some tears before she winks at him. "I miss you so."

"I miss you, too." He turns and limps to the door to her room. "Watch me from the window. I'll wave."

"I will." Gum-drop sized tears washed over her cheeks.

"It'll be okay, doll. Two more days," PaPa said before he tottered out of the door and down the hallway.

GaGa then balanced herself holding onto the bed rail, she then moved cautiously toward a wing back chair. After, she reaches for the wall. Every step a chore as she keeps her left palm against it. The window was a good five paces away. But she'd make it just to see his face one more time. No one knows what  tomorrow would bring.

Once there, she held onto the sill and pulled apart the blinds. A few paces away, she watched my grandfather make his way to their Kia.

They wave and blow kisses at each other. 

Before PaPa drives away, he stops momentarily to blow her more kisses.

She blows some more back and then watches him drive away.

Nothing will ever break the love they hold in their hearts for each other. Not sickness or separation.

Hope you enjoyed this. This is story one in celebration to Valentine's Day.

I've got to get ready for work now. I'll be reading other blogs during down times at The Salon today.

Hugs and chocolate, all!


  1. Love know no boundaries.

    I need to get my hair cut. What's left of it.

    And now I wait for the bombardment of Valentine's Day card :)


  2. That is a lovely Valentines Day story. It is great when love can last 62 years.

  3. This is beautiful, Shelly. A wonderful, well-written love story....

  4. Thank you, Norma. It was written off the cough. It needs some polishing though.


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