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Thursday, April 3, 2014

April A to Z: The Letter C

Welcome to my blog, and the the third day to Arlee Bird's April A to Z Blog Challenge .

 Anyone hungover yet from this bog fest? I'm trying really hard to keep up with it. Work gets in the way. But it keeps me organized. If I had too much time on my hands, I probably would never get anything done.

This year I decided to post picture clues hinting at what is to come in my second book from the Lila's Journey Series, Killer Stilettos.

There will be a giveaway at the end of this blog for the one who guesses the most correct answers. Someone will receive a copy of Secondhand Shoes either a paperback or one for their Kindle.

In Killer Stilettos, I did some world building and creature creating. I hope someone names it correctly. I will tell you this. They lurk the world between the living and the astral plane. They smell like poop  and have no face. But they do have needle-like teeth.

So what name did I give this creature I pieced to together from myths, legends, and the paranormal world? Remember it begins with C.

This photo was compliments from the internet.

Hugs and chocolate!


  1. I think I am already getting A-Z hangover. Hoping the days get a little better. Now on your pic Why I don't know but I am going to say Chupacabra! :)

    1. Gossip, nice try. No. Its a name I made up.

  2. I can't even begin to guess. Smells like poop? Ewwww!

    Time: one reason I don't do blog hops/fests. Not the main reason, but one of them.

    1. Lila thinks so, too.

      Yes. Hops take up a lot of time. Especially this one.

  3. I'm already hungover. Maybe I am A-Z'd out because I can't seem to keep up or enjoy it this year like I did in the past. Hoping I get into more of a rhythm with it as we go along.

    I can't guess this but what a great idea for a theme! I'm anxious to see more clues to your book.

    1. Yeah. I know. I think its more challenging to visit others.

  4. It is an interesting idea to give away a book to the person who guesses all the answers. I noticed a lot of people got the first one correct. I decided not to play as I already knew the first answer. It was in the comments.

    This one is different, and I have no idea.

    1. Yeah. This one isn't easy. I know. It's something I made up and one can never tell. Someone might guess right.

  5. This is cool, promoting your book during the challenge-- wish you all the best, Shelly!

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    Twitter: @damyantig


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