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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April A to Z: The Letter H

Happy Wednesday! I'm a bit late posting this morning. Worked the late shift last night and when I got home I watched a program. So I was up pretty late. I learned of this amazing teen-age boy. Below I've shared a video he made prior to dying. But this has nothing to do with the letter 'H'. Although it could. Killer Stilettos is a lot about Lila's faith while she battles herself and other things.

Make sure you have some tissues handy.

Anyway, this year for Arlee Bird's April A to Z Challenge (couldn't get his link to come up) I decided to post picture clues hinting at what is to come in my second book from the Lila's Journey Series, Killer Stilettos.

There will be a giveaway at the end of this blog for the one who guesses the most correct answers. Someone will receive a copy of Secondhand Shoes either a paperback or one for their Kindle.

I wonder what this could be?

This picture is from the web.

Hope everyone is doing well with this challenge. If anything, I'm terribly behind in reading blogs. Yesterday, I only made it to 5.

Hugs and chocolate, all!


  1. I've seen that video. *sniffles*

    I'd say it's a hospital, too.

    1. I'm sniffling with you. His sister wrote a book about him.

      And yes! You are correct!

  2. I'll say hotel. That video is very touching--what an amazing young man.

    1. Hotel is not the answer. And yes, very amazing.

  3. "I know what it iiiiiiis" in a silly sing-song voice. I've already read Secondhand Shoes and loved it, so I'll give smeone else the chance to win.

  4. Hotel?

    And that's a wonderful video. I did need those tissues.

    1. Hi, MJ. Hotel is not the answer.

      The video was very touching.

  5. I've looked at all the clues and I have no idea, but for some reason the Eagles song "Hotel California" started running through my head.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  6. The helicopter made me think hospital

  7. Looks like a hospital to me as well :)

  8. I needed the tissues.

    Makes me wonder what's in store for Lila.


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